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IPL Twenty20 show tops TV ratings

According to a report by India Media Exchange (IMX), which tracks viewership across television channels, the Indian Premier League(IPL) is a clear leader in terms of television ratings (TRPs). This, despite the fact that the IPL effect on women viewers appears to be fading.

Compared with SRK’s Paanchvi Paas, IPL wins hands down, notes the IMX. The study showed that by the 13th match, female viewers had switched off IPL, after the exciting Mohali team and Delhi Daredevils match in which Yuvraj and Shewag were pitted against each other and Yuvraj’s Mohali team won.

Most female viewers moved on to other general entertainment channels, not necessarily the Saas bahu episodes. Only on the 20th match did females switch back to cricket and ratings picked up slightly. The 20th match had the exciting Chennai team and Delhi Daredevil match in which Dhoni and Shewag battled it out. IMX notes that IPL generated a tremendous response in the initial stages.

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