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India is world’s 2nd largest wireless market

India is world’s 2nd largest wireless marketThe Role of Mobile Phones in Sustainable Rural Poverty Reduction, a World Bank study, conducted by Ashita Bhavnani, Rowena Won-Wai Chiu, Subramaniam Janakiram and Peter Silarszky, states that India has become the second-largest wireless market in the world, second only to China.

According to the study, mobile telephony has grown rapidly in India, especially during the last three years. The number of wireless subscribers in the country has reached 250 million, with tele-density surpassing the 25 per cent mark.

At present, while China is adding about 6-7 million new subscribers per month, India records about 8-9 million subscribers and the US about 2-3 million.
The study notes that mobile telephony has a positive impact on economic welfare by generating GDP, generating employment and increasing productivity in the mobile industry, its ancillaries and related activity sectors and realizing increased taxation revenue from the mobile operators.

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