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India 2nd In Education Related Google Searches

India 2nd In Education Related Google Searches

Google India recently made a study on ‘students on the web’, and found that India ranks second, coming only after the US, in the number of search queries related to education on Google. Education-related queries on Google in India are growing at over 46% year on year – highlighting the strong demand for information on institutes and courses that are available in the country.

The study, which is a combination of Google search query patterns and an offline research conducted by TNS Australia on behalf of Google India, points out that over 60% of Indian students, who have access to the Internet, use it as the first source of information related to educational institutes and courses.

Indian students, in age group of 18-35, were found to conduct researches mainly for IT and vocational courses(44%), followed by engineering (40%) and MBA courses (16%). The study also stated that students spend an average of five to six months gathering information via Google search, before finalizing on the institute they wanted to join.

With increasing popularity of smartphones, search queries coming from mobile phones have also grown considerably. Mobile searches have experienced a growth of over 135% year on year and now amount to over 22% of all education related search queries.The study further reported that students want the educational institutes to have more mobile-friendly, as over 66% of them claimed to use their mobile phones to access content online.

In the study, 46% of the respondents said that they choose to watch videos as part of their research about educational institutes, 56% of respondents said that they want to watch videos on career options/placements, 44% respondents were interested in watching videos on faculty, and 29% wanted to watch videos on existing students and alumni of the colleges they were planning to join.

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