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Inaugural flight of Boeing 787 -The Dreamliner

Inaugural flight of Boeing 787 -The Dreamliner

Boeing’s latest commercial passenger flight 787, nicknamed The Dreamliner, carried its first passengers on Wednesday from Tokyo to Hongkong. The All Nippon Airways flight was packed mostly with aviation reporters and enthusiasts

Boeing 787 is neither the fastest nor largest jet. But it is built out of ultra-lightweight materials and promises to be 20 per cent more fuel-efficient than comparable aircraft.

Boeing 787 was designed with larger windows, more space in overhead bins and improved lighting. The jet was also designed to provide air pressure and humidity levels that more closely resemble those on the ground, a feature that Boeing says will ease jet lag.

The plane has a roomier feel, huge overhead bins and less noise. New engines with a wave pattern around the exhaust reduce interior and exterior noise

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