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Google+ to take on Facebook

Google+ to take on Facebook

Google is coming out with a social networking site Google+ which consists of Circles, Hangouts, Sparks and Mobile. The site will go on field trials soon.

Circle will allow users to create different groups of friends making sure that the information with one set of group is not shared by the other groups. Sparks will allow users to access the content in which they are interested from across the web through Google. Hangout will allow users to video or text chat with anyone willing to do so. Mobile will be offered through, initially only Android, smartphones so that users can share pictures taken with their phone within their Circle or post messages to their friends.

Google+ plans to take on Facebook which has over 600 million users. Though Google leads in overall search market on the web, Facebook has now become the biggest player in display advertising. According to research firm eMarketer, Facebook has over 17% share in display advertising on the web while Google has a 12.3% market share.

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