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Fuel economy ratings for cars

Fuel economy ratings for cars The central government is set to launch a system of fuel economy ratings for cars by the year end that will enable you to know exactly what mileage to expect from the new car you wish to buy and how it stacks up with other models in its class.

To begin with, the government will invite carmakers to voluntarily get their models labelled by the designated agency on a scale of one to five stars, much like the system in place for refrigerators and Air Conditioners.
By 2011-12, the fuel efficiency norms will be made mandatory for all passenger vehicles and any car that fails will not be allowed on the road after the cut-off date.

Besides helping consumers reach a more informed choice while buying a car, the government estimates that the labeling standards will have helped the country save 5-15 million tons of fuel from the passenger vehicle segment by 2030.

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