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Diesel shortage hits Hyderabad

Diesel shortage hits Hyderabad Hyderabad continues to be haunted by acute diesel shortage. Long queues outside the petrol bunks have become a common sight in various areas of the city. In fact, many bunk owners are resorting to rationing. Some bunks were not giving more than 20 litres per customer. No stock signboards also welcomed motorists at various petrol bunks.

While this is so, the facilities manager of an IT MNC was forewarned by his contractor that he is finding it difficult to get diesel and he might have to cut down on the number of cars if the shortage continues. As many of the cabs servicing BPOs log an average 250 km/day, it means that one fill lasts them just a day.

Interestingly, the power crisis is resulting in increased demand for diesel. For instance, all the three PSU oil companies together sold 3, 99,656 kilo litres (KL) of diesel in the city in June this year compared to 3,37,998 KL in the same month last year. Moreover, stocks supplied by the three PSUs have already been exhausted leading to the shortage.

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