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Cyber crime is on the rise

Cyber crime is on the rise The cyber crimes are now on the increase in India. The disturbing factor is that young intelligent people are resorting to this crime.

The recent racket unearthed by Ahmedabad Crime Branch has a 16-year-old Mumbai boy Ajay at the centre stage. He along with three other persons in Ahmedabad had hacked into an online shopping website and used credit card details of US citizens to make purchases.

Officials of the online shopping website got suspicious after detecting what earlier seemed like a simple malfunction. They came to know that it was a computer IP address in Ahmedabad responsible for the illegal shopping. However, the police were not sure how big the scam could be. It turned out to be a major hacking and illegal data transfer case in the state.

As the websites are on public domain, anyone can access them. When there are paid member forums, many a times four to five hackers use the same user name and password and later distribute the fees, which is no more than 50 to 75 USD per month. Similarly, Shahid Khan and Haadi Ghoghai of Ahmedabad were given the ID and PWD by Ajay. There are various online communities that help the hackers and budding hackers by providing a web meeting place and chatting time. However, the members used pseudo-names to hide their identity.

Interrogating the accused seems to have borne fruits as the police are now armed with various contacts from Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Officials believe that it can be the key to solve many cases of credit card fraud and incidents of hacking.

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