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Credit card scamsters used Orkut network

Credit card scamsters used Orkut networkThe Hyderabad Central Crime Station police busted n inter-state criminal gang following a complaint from a Hyderabad-based person who found that the gang had fraudulently used his credit card data to purchase air tickets.
This inter-state gang operating from Mumbai and Visakhapatnam used the social networking website Orkut to buy airline tickets with stolen credit card data. The tickets were sold at a discount to unsuspecting buyers, mostly employees of the Vizag and Bokaro steel plants who were availing their leave travel concession.

The scam started unraveling when one Ravinder Reddy of Kalyannagar in Dilshuknagar received an SMS from ICICI Bank on May 6 stating that he had purchased an air ticket from Kolkata to Guwahati. Reddy who had done no such thing immediately approached the police who booked a complaint and began investigations
The CCS police arrested one Umapathi Thakur alias Vikas Kumar alias Praveen, 22, of Jharkhand who was a key operative. The Mumbai-based scamsters who booked the tickets with stolen credit card data are still at large. Umapathi’s office, Ganga Ticket Solutions, was located near the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant.

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