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Beware of credit card skimming

If you find some unusual transactions in your credit card account, be sure to know that someone is skimming your card.

Skimming is the direct transfer of electronic data from the magnetic strip on a credit card or debit card to a card-reading device. The skimmed data is then transferred from the reading device onto another plastic card that has a magnetic strip on it. The fraudster can then create a card with the same characteristics and use it freely – till identified or caught. Needless to add, skimming is illegal.

Skimming generally takes place at petrol stations, restaurants, hotels and such outlets where the swipe terminal is not in your sight. Do not allow any shop assistant take your card out of your sight in order to process your transaction. Do not swipe your card through more than one machine. Check your bank account statements periodically to ensure that there are no unusual withdrawals.

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