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Yuva Garjana – family squabbles of NTR

Yuva Garjana - family squabbles of NTR

Yuva Garjana - family squabbles of NTR

Whether it helped Naidu or not but ,certainly, the Yuva Garjana once again brought forth the family squabbles of NTR further straining the relations between brothers and sister.

Though Harikrishna evading direct response in media gatherings, all the family members are of the view that Purandhareswari outburst on Naidu is going to have far-reaching consequences as she would not just confine to hurling allegations but will put all her efforts together to see that Naidu would not come to power again. Already she has had two whirlwind tour of coastal districts with an aim a consolidate Congress prospectus and lure some bigwigs of Kamma cast into Congress. Her oratory skills coupled with YSR’ manipulative mechanisms will inflict damage to traditional votes of TDP.

Even Naidu is aware of this fact. Overheard in party meetings, Purendheswari is one of the reasons for Guntur Yuva Garjana, as the meeting showcased NTR family members to Kamma community that NTR family is in fact with Naidu and countered her influence.


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