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Youth Congress has no business to protest

Youth Congress has no business to protest

Youth Congress has no business to protest

What right the Youth Congress has got to organize dharna and burn the copies of the Andhra Jyothi newspaper, when their own ‘Sakshi’ is front-paging anti-Telugu Desam and anti-PRP news?
If the Youth Congress is organizing dharna against the ‘two dailies’ today, then TDP and PRP too will attack Sakshi tomorrow. Won’t such attacks amount to an assault on the freedom of speech and the right of media to publish?

No political party has any right to criticize any newspaper in the state as everyone has a paper supporting it and dutifully carrying misinformation campaign against the rivals.

Political parties should leave the policy attitudes of the dailies to the sagacity of the public rather than browbeating and intimidating them. All parties should confine themselves to exposing the biased reporting.
People are intelligent enough to make out what is what and who is who.

For some period people believed in the ‘’two daily theory’’ of YSR. Now that he too has a daily in his kitty to tell his version of the account, he should restrict himself just to presenting his point to the public rather getting his ancillary wings to organize protest rallies against rival dailies.


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