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Windows 8 and Akash: Tech sensations of 2012

Windows 8 and Akash: Tech sensations of 2012

The year 2012 will be marked by two sensational technology outputs. One is the Windows 8 being launched by IT giant Microsoft and the other is India’s cheapest tablet Akash.

Windows 8 consumer preview has been released and it has created quite a buzz around the world. It has the Metro apps touch screen for tablets and can also be worked on a traditional desktop with a keyboard and mouse. Windows 8 is said to be revolutionary in its concept and content and is expected to give a good competition to Apple’s iPad.

On the other hand, Akash, priced at Rs 2,750, is the cheapest tablet in the world made by Datawind for the Government of India. The tablet, which runs on Android, will be distributed to students free of cost by the Ministry of HRD, the cost being shared by the government and the educational institution. With the arrival of Akash, the race to manufacture low-cost or budget tablets has begun in the market which will be a boon to the common man.

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