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Will Kiran Kumar Reddy survive Jagan tsunami?

Will Kiran Kumar Reddy survive Jagan tsunami?

Jagan mohan reddy’s resignation has created a political tsunami in congress circle. Thousands of congress workers protested against Sonia Gandhi and congress party. Hundreds of congress workers have submitted their resignations and again the focus is back on Jagan. His letter is well drafted and arousing sympathy on jagan.

While the lower rung leaders are protesting, Jagan is showing enormous maturity. By pleading MLAs not to resign and workers not to attack Sonia Gandhi Flexis and congress flags, jagan is trying to create an impression to the common man that he was never against congress party.

Besides this, the timing of Jagan’s resignation is raising anxieties for CM and congress partie. Jagan has resigned when the news of finalization of ministry has come from the media sources. Media sources have reported that the ministerial berths are all finalized and many of the old heads may probably roll has come as a blessing in disguise for Jagan. He knows that he could pull some MLAs who are not given opportunity to him which could boost his numbers and create problems to the government. We have to see the reaction of congress high command in ministry formation and how many MLAs could come to Jagan.

All in all the next few days can decide the course for jagan and also the fate of Kiran Kumar Reddy’s Government.

Brahma Mahesh
[email protected]

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