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Why the Telangana Issue?

Why the Telangana Issue?

Why the Telangana Issue?

M.V.Ramana Reddy was the first person to oppose N.T.R from within the Telugudesam party way back in the initial days of Telugudesam coming to power and even before the infamous Nadendla removing NTR from power did take place. In those days Ramana reddy was not an ordinary leader in the Rayalaseema, he was powerful trade union leader and left ideologue. After his expulsion from TDP he started his own political outfit called ’’RAYALASEEMA VIMOCHANA SAMITHI’’ and toured entire Rayalaseema propagating that injustice was done to this region, in spite of his attempt he failed to wrest at least couple of seats.

The sole reason is the attempts of Ramana reddy failed to evoke strong regional feeling since NTR had undiminished charisma among common folk of all regions.If the ruler has spell among the public, that will push all kinds of separatist feeling to back bench.NTR proved it, the charisma of Ramana reddy was no match to NTR.

Had the NTR alive the attempts of KCR also could have ended damp squib, unfortunately Chandrababu name carry no magnetism and it gave way for KCR to successfully exploit the feelings of Telenagan region.

Now the state needs a strong and charismatic leader, who has strong apple among people of all regions, to some extent Chiru has it followed by YSR. As Naidu has no personality of that kind he is spending time in passing resolutions and announcing unreasonable schemes.


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