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Why Heroines don’t take part in promotion of films in Tollywood?

Why Heroines don’t take part in promotion of films in Tollywood?

Today SKN- PRO of mega group has raised a controversy saying that heroines never take interest in promoting the films in tollywood like the way the heroines do in bollywood. They consider joining the promotion as a favor. While the comment could be true in general sense, the reasons for the same could be analyzed.

Everything that happens in this world is our own making and tollywood in hunt of fair skin has used money as the card to attract the heroines from north. A girl who was playing second lead in bollywood gets main lead with good pay here. A heroine who gets paltry sum in north gets lacs here and it is a fact that north Indian girls started looking south to earn some fast bucks. They never considered a serious career down south and most of the heroines fly back to Mumbai once the shoot is over. Very often do we find heroines forming part of film promotion. Some wouldn’t even worry about the fate of the film and the only reason why they check about the fate of the film is only for further opportunities and big fat package. We have seen many a times that a heroine with couple of hits earning close to a crore of rupees which a male actor struggles to earn. We hardly find a heroine who is supposedly earning more than a crore in tollywood in the promos. We find her flying to her home town which is also a favorite tourist spot and come back only to attend shoots. There are few young heroines who are finding tollywood as a better place to make career and they are often seen in the promos of their films. Most of the heroines count every minute of their stay with currency and that’s why they prefer inaugurating garment/jeweler showrooms rather than promoting their films.

In my opinion we don’t have anyone except ourselves to blame for the situation. Tollywood producers should realize that heroines alone can’t make a film successful and when we sign contracts we should add the column of promoting the film rather than just acting in the film. The producer has to realize that there are umpteen girls looking for break and the most an expat heroine could add is skin show. If the producer is united and stick to the bottom-line that the remuneration is including promotion, we wouldn’t find many appearing on promotions of the films. The presence of a heroine would certainly help the film if you ask me. So my dear producer, please wake up.

Brahma Mahesh
[email protected]

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