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Why are Tamil Heroes more popular than Telugu Heroes?

Why are Tamil Heroes more popular than Telugu Heroes?

Are you surprised with the above question? Are you irate? I know that most of the fans of the big heroes would be raising arms against me. But can you answer the question??

Who is more popular??

Tamil Heroes or Telugu heroes?

Who has bigger market???

Tamil Heroes or Telugu heroes?

Almost every movie of Surya or Vikram is being made as bilingual in Tamil and Telugu these days. If not bilingual, it will be dubbed and released simultaneously. Leave a big hero like Surya, even Karthi or Arya’s movies are dubbed, and these are known names in tollywood today. How many times have we seen Telugu stars’ film being dubbed or made as bilingual? You can name few hit films like Arundhati or magadheera( being dubbed as Mahaveeran) being dubbed but not as a simultaneous release. Very rarely do we see a movie of a Telugu film star being made as a bi lingual or multilingual. Every movie of Rajnikanth is made as a multilingual and the recent movie Robot is supposed to have collected more than Pokiri. Do any of our superstars have such status? NO.

Its good news that Ramcharan’s orange is being planned to be dubbed in Tamil and will be releasing shortly. There are lots of Telugu films that are being remade in Tamil but that is a different point all together.

Now stop getting excited and think. With spiraling costs and reducing successes, its time Telugu Film Industry expand its horizons and explore new markets. If Surya and Vikram are popular, even our stars can become popular as I feel they are no less than any of the star from across the border. The biggest advantage Tamil Industry has is their directors who are known across the languages. I am sure if we can make movies as multilingual or dub our movies for a simultaneous release, the world will know our directors. Today Telugu Film Industry is trying varied subjects and can have better prospects if our heroes and directors decide to break language barriers and try other languages.

Almost all popular Tamil directors had directed a Telugu hero’s movie. On the other hand, no Telugu director had directed a movie starring a Tamil hero.

Brahma Mahesh
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