Why are Tamil Heroes more popular than Telugu Heroes?

Why are Tamil Heroes more popular than Telugu Heroes?

Are you surprised with the above question? Are you irate? I know that most of the fans of the big heroes would be raising arms against me. But can you answer the question??

Who is more popular??

Tamil Heroes or Telugu heroes?

Who has bigger market???

Tamil Heroes or Telugu heroes?

Almost every movie of Surya or Vikram is being made as bilingual in Tamil and Telugu these days. If not bilingual, it will be dubbed and released simultaneously. Leave a big hero like Surya, even Karthi or Arya’s movies are dubbed, and these are known names in tollywood today. How many times have we seen Telugu stars’ film being dubbed or made as bilingual? You can name few hit films like Arundhati or magadheera( being dubbed as Mahaveeran) being dubbed but not as a simultaneous release. Very rarely do we see a movie of a Telugu film star being made as a bi lingual or multilingual. Every movie of Rajnikanth is made as a multilingual and the recent movie Robot is supposed to have collected more than Pokiri. Do any of our superstars have such status? NO.

Its good news that Ramcharan’s orange is being planned to be dubbed in Tamil and will be releasing shortly. There are lots of Telugu films that are being remade in Tamil but that is a different point all together.

Now stop getting excited and think. With spiraling costs and reducing successes, its time Telugu Film Industry expand its horizons and explore new markets. If Surya and Vikram are popular, even our stars can become popular as I feel they are no less than any of the star from across the border. The biggest advantage Tamil Industry has is their directors who are known across the languages. I am sure if we can make movies as multilingual or dub our movies for a simultaneous release, the world will know our directors. Today Telugu Film Industry is trying varied subjects and can have better prospects if our heroes and directors decide to break language barriers and try other languages.

Almost all popular Tamil directors had directed a Telugu hero’s movie. On the other hand, no Telugu director had directed a movie starring a Tamil hero.

Brahma Mahesh

52 Responses to “Why are Tamil Heroes more popular than Telugu Heroes?”

  1. ravi says:

    well said bro

  2. hollywood says:

    who said,,,,telugu heroes are popular and good,,tamil heroes Mostly remakes telugu movies,,,,…

    tollywood and tamil popular heroes are:


  3. hero says:

    i want to say one truth. telugu people are whole hearted people whereas tamilians are language minded people.they dnt like other language movies.bt telugu people r nt lyk dat they r gud. they watch only the content of the movie bt nt telugu hero or tamil hero.robo is best example for this. this is reason y telugu heroes r nt so popular. dnt underestimate telugu heroes. they r multi talented than tamil heroes

  4. ravi says:

    not even 1 telugu hero listed above are popular
    Espially dat pavan kalyan
    No one outside andra knows him

  5. akram says:

    yes i agree with hero tamilans are language minded people thats why they dont See telugu dubbed films though they are good and they watch films of boggu dhalapathi vijay but not our handsome superstar mahesh

  6. Guru says:

    Boss,Cool Tamil hero’s are the best and will talented than Telegu hero’s,for example our Rajani kanth film is most popular in Japan, south Korea etc,is any telegu hero’s are popular out of Andra pradesh?

    And Akram told that Tamil peoples see only Vijay film ‘s,s he is rit.our Vijay action is better than Magesh Babu.only thig Magesh Babu is fare,In that one also we have Ajith more smart than Magesh Babu.

    s Tamil Pokri is remake of Telegu pokri but which one got higest collection Tamil or telegu? Tamil.

    who told telegu movies are not dubbed in tamil to of movies are dubbed but no hit bec’s in Telegu film there is know logic.(All r MUKMOFFE’s).

    Ok then y Telegu producers are putting 50% of tax to Tamil Dubbed movies,if thay have gut’s means y thay are putting.

  7. Rahul says:

    Tamil heros are certainly more popular than Telugu Heros. However it has nothing to do with talent. All the actors are talented. None can be successfull in Cinema without Talent. Tamil heros are more popular bcos Tamil films are more popular than Telugu films. Tamil films are more popular becos of various factors. One of the major factors is popularity of the language. Tamil language is more popular than Telugu language accorss people of other languages languages.

  8. Rahul says:

    Some of the Telugu actors list mentioned in the response No.2, are not even known outside AP. If you have to go by the order of overall popularity, this is how the list of Tamil & Telugu actors can be :

    1) Rajinikanth (Tamil)
    2) Kamal Hasan (Tamil)
    3) Chiranjeevi (Telugu)
    4) Nagarjuna (Telugu)
    5) Surya (Tamil)
    6) Venkatesh (Telugu)
    7) Vikram (Tamil)
    8) Vijay (Tamil)
    9) Ajith (Tamil)
    10) Mahesh Babu (Telugu)

    Most other actors are not known much outsside their state.

  9. suresh says:

    Tamil industry and tamil heroes are so popular than telugu because of the huge budjet spent in tamil industry and heroes effort to do variety rolls. but Telugu heros are only mass heroes. Their acting is only enjoyed by telugu people. Non telugu people never see a telugu movie because of its low quality content except some movies. Tamil heros are always rocking.

  10. suresh says:

    all telugu actors are stupids. They are breainless idiots. They should be strongly punished for the kind of movies they do. All movies are full of violence, vulger. I hate telugu inustry and they are worth of doing only low quality crap moives, which only a stupid telugu person can watch.

  11. sunamy says:

    suresh is correct. Since past 20 years, the telugu movie industry is not even changed a bit. Still they watch only hero worshiping movies, and those heroes are in real life stupids. They dont know the world cinema, and how do give quality movies. Two villians, 2 heroins, 4 masala songs with some vulgur stepps, and finally they kill villans. This kind of movies are history in tamil industry.. It shows the brainless condition of the telugu heroes and directors. Almost all telugu heroes are in the same position. if they come out of Andhra nobody respect them becose of the kind of movies they do. they are circus buffuns.

  12. sree says:

    I do not have any objection in saying that N.T.R.jr is popular in japan with hia dance, Mahesh is becoming popular with his latest debuts even in other industries.Prabhas, Allu arjun.etc have their names known in Malayali movies.The only disadvantage of Telugu hearoes is that they care more about economy of the state.This is the main reason why telugu don’ t give rights to dub but instead dub other language films, so they can have their income.Now, people say here that telugu heroes are not popular outside, but why does Karnataka take 70% of the films to release and tamil only some 5-10% films.

    Whatever you guys say, telugu industry is rich in it’ s economy tahn other languages.I think the telugu heroes have started to make their expensive films.

  13. Rahul says:

    Your figures about Tamil & Telugu movies in Karnataka is absolutely wrong.

    Like every where, Tamil cinema is way ahead of Telugu cinema in Karnataka also
    Every single Tamil film is released in Karnataka. But not every Telugu film is released in Karnataka..

    In Karnataka, Tamil Cinema with a market share of 20% comes next to Kannada (37%) and Hindi 32%.
    Telugu cinema is in fourth position with a market share of just 8 to 9%

    Needless to mention that Tamil Heroes are way ahead of Telugu Heroes interms of popularity in Karnataka too.
    Your claim of popularity of Prabhas, Allu & NTR Junior out side Andhra is limited to Telugu people who watch Telugu movies in VCDs. These Telugu heroes are not known among people of other languages. Whereas every Tamil Hero is popular among people of all languages accross the world.

  14. rekha says:

    I am a tamilian. I think telugu heroes are very handsome even goodlooking than heroines. But empty punch dialogues spoil the show. But allu arjun is very famous outside AP. His acting and dance are very good. Talents are main like vijay, rajini, kamal ajith and surya. Allu arjun is very talented and has tamil and kerala fans

  15. Dayakar says:

    Pl end the discussion. What matters to public is entertainment. Small hero or big hero, what ever language it is as long as it is a good entertainer it draws the attention of public.

  16. priya says:

    Because tamil cinema have fantastic hero like surya… no one can be in telugu like him….

  17. Venkat says:

    You non sense .. Rahul. Do you really know the status of Telugu movies in Karnataka.all movies of telugu will be realeased in Telugu If you say word Tamil in Karnataka,, they will beat your assess..u ugly faces in the whole india.. Telugu films are high budget films after bollywood.. you nonsense people are remaking our movies and dubbing in Telugu as fresh .. such a films are also watched there.. you should respect them.. this bloody ugly faces of Tamil heros are not seen anywhere in any film industry. You see rajanikanth – he is not at all Tamilian and 90% his movie is dupe, Kamal Hasan – i saw always over acting in different roles, Vijay – he looks like worker in coal mines, Surya – see all his movies carefully – i see he fit for angry roles, Vikram – fit for only mentally retarded acts, what else left for your nonsenses.. you

  18. giri says:

    well said venkat these tamil movies n there movies is for mental pesons take for example dasavtaram n many
    movvies wer hero performing more roles all roles looks like monkeys acting in a tree we just go n watch movies for entertainment not to watch monkeys acting more roles n over emphasysing there over acting ……..we need just an acting from an actor then he is called as actor if his action is over acting then he is called as mentalman. always tamil heros showing there useless illogical nonsense acting skills……………………….

  19. giri says:

    always tamilians are fackers they spend 20-30 crores for a movie like 7am arivu n they say as 84 crores…..
    is suryas face really worths 84 crores if it is so n iam dam sure dat the producer lost almost 50 crores from dat movie this is the real status of tamil dummy movies
    just think if telugu people kicks surya out of AP they producer of 7am arivu lost 65 crores deffinettlly hahahahahaha because of we(telugu) your movies at least recovering there budgets otherwise hahhahahahahahhaahah

  20. anmol says:

    Everyone is good why this hatred. I am from north and we watch bollywood , hollywood and south indian movies too. It depends on a particular movie. However I feel telugu movie are more nationalistic in general as they have national themes, some hindi dialogues too and we can connect while tamil movies (barring some like roja)are too tamil oriented. and who says telugu doesn’t have stars known outside. Nagarjuna, jr ntr , mahesh babu, chirangeevi, ravi teja, venkatesh, pawan kalyan are popular here too specially nagarjuna and jr ntr. I am too fan of telugu movies. they are better as they connect with us. so why this debate. Movie or an actor is popular outside its circle if it is good and more cosmopolitan nature. I am a rajasthani but I love them all rajnikanth, victory venkatesh, allu arjun, jr ntr both from telugu and tamil movies. But only thing i don’t like is this hatred when people compare and use abusive language. I have seen some south indian movies where hero is too arrogant about his state and in a way insults rest of the nation. Being an Indian i don’t like that. In silambattam simbu says tamil ke naam se sare world hilta hain and prabas says sara bihar aa jaye to bhi dekh loonga in chatrapati. this is not right. anyways all indian movies regional or bollywood must flourish and we should enjoy.

  21. Rahul says:

    Some Telugu people live in their own world and they do not know the facts. When some one comes out with facts, they get agitated.

    Using harsh words will not help hide facts

    Here are some of facts and figures

    When you say south indian movies, it is always Tamil cinema which comes to any body’s mind

    Bollywood is the largest film industry in India by all means – No of movies produced, distribution including global market and revenue generation.

    Kollywood, the Tamil industry is the second largest.
    by all means.

    Telugu industry is always third. Telugu cinema was never ahead of Tamil industry by any means. Never in the history

    In 2011, 107 Hindi Movies were released. 123 Tamil movies were released & 101 Telugu movies were released. Which means, in 2011, Tamil cinema is ahead of even bollywood interms of No of movies produced.

    Talking about the creativity, quality, popularity of heroes, Telugu cinema is way behind Tamil.

    Out of 101 Telugu movies, 19 movies were dubbed from Tamil. Which means 20% of Telugu movies are dubbed from Tamil. That means Telugu cinema depends on Tamil movies for 20% of its revenue.
    This trend is there for a very long time now

    This shows the popularity of Tamil heroes even in AP

    Tamil heroes are so popular and powerful that they discuss and decide the Telugu dubbing rights at the time of discussion of the Tamil movie project itself.

    Tamil movies dubbed into Telugu rule the roost in AP. AP govt increased the entertainment tax for dubbed movies from 25% to 50%. Still they could not stop the success of Tamil movies dubbed into Telugu

    Not a single movie of any language was dubbed into Tamil. This shows the strength of Tamil cinema

    Coming to the popularity of Heroes, when you say south indian Heroes, It is Rajanikanth & Kamal hassan who are always in the first 2 positions. No one can come any where near them. These 2 positions will remain same for ever.

    Chiranjeevi & Nagarjuna were managing to hold on to 3rd & 4th position till a few years back. Now even that is gone to Tamil Heores like Surya.
    Telugu Heroes Number will start from No 6, because, first 5 positions are held by Tamil heroes

    Telugu movies are no where near Tamil movies in global popularity.

    Enthiran went global, whereas Magadheera did not cross Andhra border.

    Top 10 Tamil heroes are popular accross the globle whereas except for Chiranjeevi & Nagarjuna No telugu heroes are known out side Andhra.

    Telugu heroes are Andhra heroes, where as Tamil heroes are global heroes.

    Telugu cinema survives purely on movies dubbed from other languages. in 2011 out of 101 Telugu movies released 29 movies from other languages (19 from Tamil, 4 from Malayalam, 4 from Kannada & 2 from Hindi)

    Most of the other Telugu movies are remakes.

    Telugu cinema will always be way behind Tamil Cinema.

  22. Rahul says:

    Like every where else, in Karnataka too, Telugu cinema is behind Tamil cinema. Only a few Telugus who do not know any facts & figures keep saying otherwise.
    Here are the approximate market share of various language cinema in Karnataka.
    Kannada 35%, Hindi 28%, Tamil 20%, Telugu 10%, English & Malayalam share 7%.
    These are correct figues with 1 or 2 % plus or minus.

  23. Rahul says:

    Despite Telugu language being very similar to Kannada, it is Tamil cinema which is ahead of Telugu Cinema in Karnataka.
    This shows the popularity & power of Tamil Cinema
    & Tamil stars.
    Creativity, Technology, good stories, realistic sequences, great picturization etc etc make Tamil movies great and globally popular.

    When it comes to quality, Tamil cinema is ahead of Bollywood too

    Telugu cinema is way behind in these things.
    Infact Telugu cinema is going down in all aspects year after year.
    Telugu cinema is one industry where maximum movies are dubbed from other language movies.
    Almost 30% of Telugu movies are dubbed from other languages (20% are from Tamil movies & 10% are from other language movies)
    This shows the lack of creativity & quality in Telugu movies. No wonder No of movies produced, distribution and revenue generation of Telugu Cinema is going down year after year.

    Every single Tamil movie of Tamil heroes are dubbed into Telugu. They dont even leave the Tamil films of relatively small Heroes like, Vishal, Simbu & Jeeva.
    That is the popularity of Tamil Heroes

  24. Rahul says:

    Almost all the Top Tamil Heroes’ Tamil movies are dubbed into Telugu and these movies have a decent matket in Andhra,
    Whereas not a single Telugu movie is dubbed in Tamil. Because Telugu heroes are not known outside AP.

    When it comes for Bilingual or multilingual movies, It is Tamil Heroes’ movies which is produced in Tamil, Telugu & other languages. These movies do well in all the languages
    Not a single Bilingual or multilingual movie is made using Telugu Heroes. Because Telugu Heroes market/popularity is limited AP and hence movies made in other languages using these heroeswill have no takers

    One classic example for this is ‘Businessman’ of so called Number one hero of Telugu Cinema Mahesh Babu.
    This is the only multilingual movie (Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam) produced using a Telugu Hero in so many years. This movie did very well in Telugu. Whereas it has absolutely no takers in Tamil & Malayalam. Infact Tamil version of this movie is not released even in a single theatre in TN or anywhere else.

    This is the indication of popularity of a Top Telugu Hero outside AP.

  25. Sathya says:

    only 2 movies were got gd comments in TN,(maghadeera& Arundhathi)from my point of view arunthathi was better and maghaeera story is a concept which is copied from old tamil movie (nenjam marappathillai released yr 1963) and mixied with om shanthi om movie story line and made by these grt telugu director, so dont think 7 treat maghadeera as the movie of ur state, we pls seeing and laughed enough by these stupid love story and fights, the movie is par with typical kannada movies. that concept of the hero killing 100 people in that movie is als copied from a jackie chans myth movie so pls telugus dont even compare these films with tamil movies,u knw normal tamil movie can upbeat a huge mass telugu hero movies in ur Ap itself better dont forger ur past experience..

  26. Sathya says:

    And here I want to appreciate one think that we peoples in Chennai and TN likes ur balkrishna, Pawan kalian, Nageswar rao , Krishna,& finally N.T.R hence these stars movies are specially liked in our state because the way they entertaining us by their electrifying dance steps and the way they covering their bald heads with low quality wigs and also wearing glittering & high contrast costumes and wearing 3D glasses for the horrible songs with full of idiotic beats and especially their foolish steps with heroines finally its all about wowwww for their guts 2 doing all these nonsense in a movie ..and continuing in another movie is great attitude and show’s dedication towards their acting. Thought there is no special story line in these heroes stories, but their foolish dialogues and serious acting expressions , air fighting seens and lost but not the least could be the “ serious Background seens” will always makes us always laugh..so u telgus don’t be in the mindset that tamil people don’t like Telugu movies by seeing this u will be clear that tamils always like telugu movies hence because of these reasons…so we tamils always see Gemini tv and gemini action and music channels especially for these heroes idiotic movies and stupid comedy songs. Pls people belive this, its real I am spoking out of my heart..
    We too have some foolish heroes like vijayagnath,T.rajendar etc., making movies like those telugu heroes but they too fail in those criterias somehow..
    Thanks telugu movie makers we always loves u..

  27. ss says:

    What works is true? What is true is one that works?

    What is the use of fighting here with harsh words? Market determines the value of the movie. See the Intl. scenario, Iranian movies run in US ! even though US hates Iran! Arab movies, French, Spain movies?

    Compared to these movies, Indian movies have a long way to go! our tamil movies have started to be adventuristic now! because modern people in Tamil are more literate and are exposed to world movies! But still long way to go!

    Better, we analyze our movies and try learning from mistakes. Instead empty words and jingoism won’t take us to anywhere!

  28. sandesh says:

    guys but today d most populus hero is ram charan and pavan kalyan …… may be d movies given bypavan were becoming flop but increasing his out market rate… d thing which our industry needs…n abt ram charan he wrote a new track record wid magadheera…which brought great fame to telugu industry.

  29. Raj says:

    The only difference is Tamil heroes concentrate on dubbing movies outside their boundaries and Telugu heroes make their way only in their boundaries.

    So many tamil heroes like vijay, Jayam ravi .etc have become famous by remaking all Telugu hits.

    This is just unfair saying that Tamil movies have decent market because due to vast number of theathers even a small movie in the state can have profit in AP.

    One thing is clear Mahesh Babu is cinsidered as number one brand ambassdor in south.

  30. appu says:

    puneeth raj kumar from kannada is the best of all……………..

  31. Abby says:

    @RAHUL……ARE U NUTS.?….how the hell can u say that tamilians dont copy from telugu…..dat beggar vijays 60 % movies r copied from telugu……even jayam ravi copies many telugu movies…..u Fuckin saying dat telugu actors r not popular across AP….? Go nd ask who is surya vikram or vijay outside south india……they wont know anyone except rajani and kamal….telugu actors like Mahesh babu, nagarjuna and venkatesh r known even in bollywood……young actor like ram charan, rana daggubati are also acting in bollywood movies……Mahesh babu is the 5th most desirable in india even though he has not acted in 1 bollywood movie also….. recently he kicked out akshay kumar and became the indian brand ambassador for thums up…..some directors may be making masala movies but the the quality is really good since from the past 6-7 years they r producing with big budgets……. telugu movies has the 2nd highest movie collections in the US after bollywood……movies like Mahesh babu’s Dookudu collected more than 100 crores…….. …….and dat badko @ sathya……. vijay has more ANTI FANS THAN ANY OTHER INDIAN ACTOR for his gravity defying stupid stunts like jumping half a km in the air in kuruvi movie accelerating car from mouth and all of his movies r MASS MOVIES except few like Kaavalan etc …… Even balakrishna is known for his over dialogues and action….but just get the facts right……even i love tamil cinema as well as telugu cinema..

  32. Kiran says:

    Thanks everyone for expressing your views.everyone has the right of freedom to express, but fighting amongst us, I find it very uncomfortable. its an entertainment industry, as long as any hero is capable of entertaining us, we got our money’s worth.. I don’t know why we are fighting amongst each other, when the heroes are multi-millionaires..and they really don’t care for the people like us. these days everywhere I go .. I see we Indians fight amongst each other. can we please cool down..

  33. harsha says:

    why these bloody tamilians comment like this… i live in karnataka(mysr) n u kno d stamina of telugu movie here?? tamil movies have no care here except when they bcum huge blokbustrs… but even a telugu film with below par rating makes huge money here.. tamil films worth nothing here compared 2 telugus.. many peopl prefer telugu films 2 kannada even though they r kannadigas..!!! dookudu ran 4 100 days here.. enthiran dint… mahesh is d hottest star of karntka… so lnguage egoed tamilians,,shut ur ***

  34. R.vishnu priyah says:

    i m a tamilian but i live in andhra ..i do watch both tamil n telugu films…mostly i find tamil films wid diffrnt stories ..i dont say telugu films r bad but they r repetd wid same story plot….is der any new in dhookudu n buisnessman is mere headache film..even many mahesh fanz did not watch it…just dont say tamil films r of remake films ..thnk abut telugu films also ..gabbar sing,bodygrd,n they even copy the nice tunes of tamil film…directors music directors ,singers,story writers,technicians in telugu films mostly r tamilians…popularity wise tamil is ahead though telugu is improvng now…but really telugu film is gr8 in one way they take many films widout any story ..amazng…i thnk many top directors shuld lrn …to make idotic films lyk telugu.

  35. asif ahamad says:

    in tamil industrie directors like maniratnam,shankar.k.v.anand(vidokkade,rangam),murgudas.they r popular over country fr diffrent stories in their films with inner message.is their any telugu director like them.no.our directors should b change.and also our heros.they must b learn 4rm heros like amitab(pa) ,hruthick(gujarish) they done that films by living their image .

  36. yogesh says:

    I m from north and i like ravi teja very much other than ravi i like rajnikanth,prabhas,allu arjun,venkatesh,nagarjune,surya,vikram,chiranjevi.

  37. Rahul says:

    Telugu cinema & heroes are known only in AP and to some extent in Karnataka.

    in karnataka too, despite Telugu being similar to kannada, Telugu cinema is behind Tamil cinema.

    Telugu cinema is no where near Tamil cinema in other parts.

    Its always Rajnikanth & Kamal Hassan who are the most popular South indian stars.

    Telugu heroes are not known out side AP and some parts of Karnataka

  38. Rahul says:


    Surya, Ajith, Vikram, Vishal are very popular accross the globe.
    Nagarjuna, Mahesh babu & other Telugu actors are way behind in popularity.

    Talking about Rajini & Kamal, Telugu heroes can never even dream of even 10% of the popularity of Rajini & Kamal.

    In US, next to bollywood it is Tamil cinema which has maximum share. Telugu movies are just invisible there.

    You people keep saying that Vijay remade Telugu movies.
    It is a 15 year old rotten story. Vijay’s career took a beting bcos he remade Telugu movies.
    Telugu cinema is last in creativity & Quality.
    Telugu cinema does all kinds of copying from other Industries and mainly from Tamil Cinema.


  39. PAvana kalyanai says:

    Oh god Telugu movies all Have No logic at all allways Bandi thiyandra champeyi ra … all nonsense tight lipped dialogues unwanted sexy heroins and songs and dance simpy even kannada takes national awards allways telugu waste ..sometimes back they had taken no Naturality in acting Like Rajni Vijay Kamal and surya Vikram all craps in telugu …NO heavy Budget movies… if they try heavy budget all goes hayway… flops Example Shakthi.NTR starrer Badrinath ..Pallu arjun Strarrer..somany they have no Reality in movies no proper storyline only music for AP mad peoples simply they go for same movie again and again there wil be a only masala Commercial films in telugu BUt in tamil check and say simply dont argue without knowing anything.. People knows everything na for them we can make them understand for people like telugu waste speaking energy waste…

  40. Anu says:

    Abby u >>>>> what u know about movies withou knowing anything dont speak…

  41. Sujan sam says:

    Am a telugu guy n i stay in karnataka. I wish all telugu actors, directors, producers read oll these. Coz after readin dis they atleast ll kno how they insulted n degraded coz of wot dey doin. Its true dat telugu actors n directors wont try new gener movies. Its too rare dat experimental movies r made. Da mind sets of ppl who watch routin telugu movies wit same stories should be changed. Luk i like telugu movies but not all movies which hav routin kinda shit. Really am ashamed t saY DAT i LIKE TELUGU MOVIES :( mana telugu vallu chala develop avvali :( kanisam vallani chosi buddhi techukovali :( n i dono y da hell telugu film industry encourage hell lotta dubbing movies. Ap is corrupted giv sum bribes n done ur movie ll be given rights to dubbed n released n sum dumb ass ll be ready t promote in a.p. U kno wat dubbing movies should be banned in telugu. N telugu ACTORS, DIRECTORS, SCRIPT WRITERS, PRODUCERS SHOULD THINK OTTA DA BOX N COME OTTA DA BLANKED N SHOW THEMSELVES TO DA WORLD DAT V TELUGU PPL R NOT LESS THAN ANY1. V R N V SHOULD BE DA BEST.

  42. muthukumar says:

    somebody told that ‘pokiri ‘ dubbed in tamil, people entertain that movie, after that what happened, he try to act similar movies , all gone, according to me , teluge movies have lots of fights, which is now a days not a success making factor,

  43. Rahul says:

    Telugu population is huge and whatever the market Telugu cinema has is purely from Telugu speaking people. Other language speaking people do not watch Telugu movies. Telugu movie makers do not dare to change their movie making style – needless Fights, needles Dialogues needless songs, needless sequences- all absolutely unrealistic and comic things in their movies. Since Telugu people like these types of movies, their movie makers do not want to take risk by trying to make movies with some quality & logic.

    This is the very reason why Telugu movies do not hv market even in neighbouring state like Karnataka where there is a huge population Telugu speaking people. These people prefer Hindi and Tamil movies.
    Hence obviously, Telugu heroes are much lessor popular than Tamil or Hindi stars

  44. SHREYA MOHANTY says:

    I am shreya mohanty,lives in bhubaneswar,odisha .I was just shocked to listen that telugu movies & are not so popular as tamil movies & heros.You guys(Rahul & some others) are talking without knowing the fact.Though Iam a odia ,but still then i love to watch telugu movies.Not only I MOST OF THE ODIAS(ABOUT 70%) LOVE TO WATCH TELUGU MOVIES.Here thera r a lot of fans of telugu heros like Mahesh babu,allu arjun,parbhas ,nitin,ram charan. But in ODISHA,TAMIL MOVIES & HEROS EXCEPT RAJINIKANT ARE NOT POPULAR AS TELUGU.Even most of the people dont know about the tamil heros. So you should not say like that. In fact though most of thetelugu movies are not experimental, but they are reapeting the same movie with new look & new representation.SO ALWAYS TELUGU MOVIES & THE HEROS ARE IN THE TOP.

  45. Rahul says:

    One or 2 Telugu movies running in Orissa is not a bid thing
    AP shares border with many states and Telugu perople live in huge numbers in such states. Orissa is one such state. One or two Telugu movies are screened in such places. It does not mean that Telugu movies are popular. Despite having huge Telugu population in accross India, Telugu movies are way behind in Tamil movies interms of popularity, distribution and revenue generation overall in India and overseas.

  46. SHREYA MOHANTY says:

    Hello bro, for ur confirmation i want to say that ,many odias are watching telugu movies which i have already mentioned, I didn’t talk about telugu people living in odisha, As i dont have any telugu friends ,so i dont know about them,but i am saying MOST OF the ODIAS(ABOUT 70%) LOVE TO WATCH TELUGU MOVIES.Here there r a lot of fans of telugu heros like Mahesh babu,allu arjun,parbhas ,nitin,ram charan. But in ODISHA,TAMIL MOVIES & HEROS EXCEPT RAJINIKANT ARE NOT POPULAR AS TELUGU.Even most of the odia people dont know about the tamil heros. So you should not say like that without knowing the fact. I am living here from my childhood & i know much about my state than you.So nothing will change with ur explanation,as usual TELUGU MOVIES & HEROS ARE ALWAYS IN THE TOP ,once again….i am talking about ODIA PEOPLE WATCHING TELUGU MOVIES, not about telugu people. I think you have understood now. Dont be language minded,come out of TN, try to know the fact & get adjusted with the truth……………

  47. jr.NTR-THE SHIT FACE says:

    Hey Shreya a$$hole ur the joke of 2012.. Telugu craps running in ur poor state odisha doens’t give jack shit to popularity of tamil movies.Many bollywood stars accepted the fact that tamil movies are numero uno in terms of technolgy & storywise.Some of them are sharukh,kareena,vidya balan,priyanka chopra,Anurag gaysaup,deepika and many more.. Even Ram charan teja accepted this fact.So pls dont make shit comedies here.There are many nationally acclaimed movies in tamil. Pls mention a single telugu movie.and don’t say it is magadheera. that film is ridiculous and it is not known outside AP.i laughed to my tears when he kills 100 persons in a single fight..omg.!!! i still can’t believe i saw that movie..even your biggest movie ever is like a comedy film to us.
    And i wonder does any telugu people know what does the Oscar means ?!! I bet many won’t.. If anyone want to kill the academy award jury members for not selecting George clooney as best actor (the descendants) just show them a telugu movie.they will face the worst death ever.
    Also check the 58 & 59th indian national wards.not a single telugu film was selected even in the best category of telugu language films!!! thats an awesome joke of what tollywood is..even a kannada film got selected in their category.So shreya shut your pieholes and watch any odisha films.have u got anything like that..because i even don’t know if any film industry exists in orissa.if u dont have one don’t be sad..i’ll show you a porn movie..but u have to open your mouth for that. bitch

  48. shitt means telugu says:

    Hey Shreya a$$hole ur the joke of 2012.. Telugu craps running in ur poor state odisha doens’t give jack shit to popularity of tamil movies.Many bollywood stars accepted the fact that tamil movies are numero uno in terms of technolgy & storywise.Some of them are sharukh,kareena,vidya balan,priyanka chopra,Anurag gaysaup,deepika and many more.. Even Ram charan teja accepted this fact.So pls dont make shit comedies here.There are many nationally acclaimed movies in tamil. Pls mention a single telugu movie.and don’t say it is magadheera. that film is ridiculous and it is not known outside AP.i laughed to my tears when he kills 100 persons in a single fight..omg.!!! i still can’t believe i saw that movie..even your biggest movie ever is like a comedy film to us.
    And i wonder does any telugu people know what does the Oscar means ?!! I bet many won’t.. If anyone want to kill the academy award jury members for not selecting George clooney as best actor (the descendants) just show them a telugu movie.they will face the worst death ever.
    Also check the 58 & 59th indian national wards.not a single telugu film was selected even in the best category of telugu language films!!! thats an awesome joke of what tollywood is..even a kannada film got selected in their category.So shreya shut your pieholes and watch any odisha films.have u got anything like that..because i even don’t know if any film industry exists in orissa.if u dont have one don’t be sad..i’ll show you a porn movie..but u have to open your mouth for that. bitch

  49. Jaswinder Khanna says:

    Hello,everyone i am jaswinder from haryana. first a fall iam not here too support to any industry. BUT IT’S IRONY THAT from above comments that people talk this that blah-balah. i am a buisness man and i travel a lot places i have been to almost every place in india. but i find hyd a very diferent a unique place . i find warmth in that place people are so good/ but i didn’t find that in neither chennai nor b’lore . especially people of chennai are more language minded. sometimes it makes me sick why r these people like this. y r they so arrogant and lanugage minded. yes, i agree both industries are big, but i see eople of hyd watching all lang movies but not in case of tamiln people.

  50. rejoice says:

    in terms of popularity, mahesh stood at 5th place in the time magazine survey,the only actor from south india. the ugly crap vijays block busters like ghilli and pokkiri were the remakes of mahesh movies. coming to dabbang, it was remade in tamil and telugu too. lt was a disaster in tamil but a blockbuster in telugu bcoz we didnt copied the entire scenes but changed them to satisfy our nativity which the tamil director didnt do. also salman khan got rights of some scenes in telugu version for his dabbang 2.

  51. SHREYA MOHANTY says:

    Thanks Jaswindar bhaiyya. Having listen to ur comment
    I became very sure that “TAMIL PEOPLE ARE LANGUAGE MINDED, NOT ALL ; BUT MOST OF THEM ARE LIKE THAT” The language that one of such people used in the above comment confirms their language minded mentality.Everyone knows it.

  52. karthi.T says:

    I am karthi.i am INDIAN (TAMIL NADU) .If any tamil person hurt to other state person i am really sorry for that but at same time dont say we r a language people because wn we born we speak first in our mother tongue(language).so we love languge(tamil) .we r respecting other language at the same time we cannot allow that our language destroyed. please don’t fight & dont hurt with urself.both industries is r best. Karnataka & Malayalam industries also best example(rajkumar,mamooty,mohanlal,prakashraj,).