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Where YSR & Naidu differ and where they share

Where YSR & Naidu differ and where they share

Where YSR & Naidu differ and where they share

Is there any commonality between the incumbent chief minister Y.S.Rajasekhar reddy and former chief minister N.ChandrababuNaidu? Many may firmly say they are poles apart, but an observant person can find an amazing camaraderie in one thing; amassing huge wealth during their heydays. Only the modus operandi is different.

Where as Chandrababu allowed only his son and a very few to gobble up whatever is available, YSR gracefully stretched that further fulfilling wishes of his greedy guts.

The allegations and counter allegation by the men of both the parties, at certain times by two leaders themselves delivered one message; their roots and quantum of looting are deeper and bigger than what appeared to the public.

It seems Naidu is more frustrated than YSR, the reason is very simple YSR is used to these kinds of media allegations from the beginning where as Naidu who is hailed as new age political leader till the other day now finding the heat as his image is melting fast with the serious fraud charges hurled by rival media.

The attempts by Eenadu and Andhrajyothi to malign YSR are making things dirtier and spoiling the image of the both the leaders and media rather than absolving Naidu of misdeeds.


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