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Time for action films?

Time for action films?

Time for action films?

For the last two decades or so the most important ingredient for movie makers while weaving a story has been either family relations or the important of being a friend. These two themes have been dealt with not only for low budget films but also big budget flicks as well.

The ’70 angry young man that has almost disappeared since ’90 now has fair chances of popping up again as the hopeful world as the finger labor (soft ware) industry is in the deepest crisis and there is no hope of recovering in near future.

All the sociologists and film researchers are of the view that certain social conditions create an atmosphere for the arrival of a certain kind of hero and film. The ’70 social conditions were such, the unemployment was at its peak, there was total political chaos and the prices of essentials were skyrocketing and all these factors helped Amitab to explode onto the silver screen with bang.

The easily available software jobs and foreign trips some what cooled the tempers of the youth and helped the films like HAHK ,DDLJ and Dil to Pagal Hai etc and its poor imitations in the regional languages to record highest collections at the box office.

As the ’70 heroes fought against bootleggers and anti-national elements, the ’90 soft boy had to bear all the trouble and tribulations for the family and friends. Now the boys are in frustration; loss of jobs, financial crisis in dreamland America and complete submission of market to capitalism. All these are going to have far reaching impact on youth.

As the present governments in India is not in a position to provide suitable employment to the displace unemployed, the present mood once again will reflect the erstwhile mind of the ’70s youth; disturbed and frustrated and angry.


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