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This election will be between YSR vs Ramoji

This election will be between YSR vs Ramoji

This election will be between YSR vs Ramoji

For almost three decades Ramoji commanded the state politics like a dictator.

But the arrival YSR has changed his position from a role model to white collar criminal. His woes did not end there. Even his family was brought on to the public platform when YS Jagan’s daily carried the interview of Suman.

Ramoji may become almost another Ramalinga Raju in the making if YSR wins the election again.

None other than all leaders of Mahakutami and Ramoji themselves know of this fact.

Till the other day Chadrababu badly needed Ramoji to survive in politics but today Ramoji badly in need of Chandrababu, Raghavulu and Narayana to overcome his crisis of his career.

Many in AP strongly believe that MAHAKUTAMI is in fact is Ramoji front, as in the final stage of his life Ramoji can not accept defeat in the hands of a seasoned politician. He wants to prove that he is a power to reckon with in the state politics.

Very much like the characters in the successful Hollywood film “The Ghost in the Darkness” (the film is woven around a lion that has intelligence and courage), factionists are mostly known for their revenge, courage and stupidity of mind but YSR is a politician, who has the cunningness of the coastal Andhra politicians and the courage of Rayalaseema factionists.

Can Ramoji win the war like Michel Douglas did in the film?

Or will the lion emerge as the winner?


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