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There are no Messiahs of Farmers but pure politicians

There are no Messiahs of Farmers but pure politicians

The episodes of fasting are almost over…We have seen two political bigwigs fasting for the reason of farmers. They have projected themselves as messiahs of the poor and farmers and took of the cause. One leader took up fast unto death in new MLA quarters in Hyderabad with his party workers. He has continued his fast even in the hospital after he was arrested and finally shifted to ICU by force. There is another young leader who probably thought doing anything in the simple way won’t work and took up the same exercise in a grand scale. He wanted to do similar feat with more than one lac people and has done arrangements. He started this with touring various places first and then doing a lakshya deeksha. I don’t know if they were not confident of mobilizing a lakh people or want to give entire episode a different picture, they didn’t name the exercise as laksha deeksha but lakshya deeksha. But despite all this we could see a sea of humanity converging in Vijayawada for almost 48 hours and the leader ended it by announcing that the government will fall. After seeing all this, as a common man, my dirty mind sprang few questions for me.

The entire episode of fasting would have costed huge money for leader and his followers. Gone are those days when people used to come for such programs voluntarily. Whichever is the party involved, we don’t see any voluntary participation these days and people have to be transported. Even if we have to agree for a minute that the farmers came voluntarily, how can they travel themselves when they don’t have money to fend to their own families? So someone has spent on travel of people for the meeting. One look at the meeting place will give you a view of huge hoardings and flex placed praising the leader. I am sure even the city and the routes leading to the venue would have been filled with the same. Will these things come free of cost? I am sure they would have made other arrangements at venue and someone who have arranged for the same. All this cannot come without a cost and a rough common estimate would tell us that the cost would have run into crores of rupees. Had the leader saved all these cost and donated same money for the poor farmers and did his fasting in a simple way, he could have saved many farmers who reportedly died on farmer’s day. When did Mahatma Gandhi do his fasting with so much pomp? He always did in his own house alone and since his act was genuine, he was called Mahatma.

It is no doubt that today’s leaders are least interested in people’s welfare and whatever they do is only for their benefit and to ensure that they remain in seat. If they are so concerned about people, I fail to understand why doesn’t they understand the simple facts that the ignorant common man like you and me realize.

by Brahma Mahesh

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