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Then a reddy and now a velama

Then a reddy and now a velema

Then a reddy and now a velema

During seventies Marri Chenna Reddy and a few leaders successfully hijacked the aspirations of Telenagana people to have a separate state and hugely benefitted from it as Congress high command liberally handed political positions out to many of them for backstabbing the separate movement. Many people who sincerely believed the formation of state was just around the corner rallied behind these backstabbers with devotion, some of them patriotically gave their lives for the cause.

That is history.

Now a velama leader is enacting same drama and repeating the history. Till other day, he said his top priority is separate state and ready to ally with any one whoever supports the cause, now he has started to reframe his words inserting YSR and some negatives terms in place of telenagana and has been holding talks with leaders who even today staunchly opposing formation of the state, but the so-called messiah of Telenagana trying to cajole his men support in accommodating anti-telengana parties also into his anti-YSR front rather convincing those parties to accept objectives of the people.

The next elections will tell, whether once the people of telenagana will be fooled by the anti-YSR front or some opportunist leaders of Congress who speak for telenagana whenever they need some political favor.


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