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The weakest opposition for the government

The weakest opposition for the government

The weakest opposition for the government

The strong bond between our film industry and the state political parties was clearly visualised during the recent elections. Many people from the industry, who actively participated in the campaigning for different political parties, strongly assured the people that they were there to serve the people forever. None of them can be seen now, as they all disappeared to Tollywood.

Fortunately, the people of the state took a wise decision by rejecting them all with their no-confusion-verdict, and gave the opportunity to full time politicians only. Except, PRP President Chiranjeevi all others from the film industry disappeared from the scene. He also remained there fearing criticism from the people.

However, the current situation in the state politics seems to be in a big confusion. Except, ruling Congress party, the three major opposition parties TDP, TRS, PRP are in deep crisis.

While TDP and TRS are struggling with dissidents, PRP is fast losing its cadres for the other parties. The three major opposition parties are not in a position to maintain a disciplinary system in their parties, as they have threat of losing MLAs followed by their followers. This may be the result of failure to achieve power, which is the only one tool useful to keep them party members united and of course in discipline.

The jumping’s and resignations of the leaders in the parties creates night mare to its high commands. The prevailing situation doesn’t allowing the opposition parties to stabilise and take active part in fighting for the cause of the people, for which they were elected.

This may be the weakest opposition in the state, ever since the state is formed.

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