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The Rule of Varuna in AP

The Rule of Varuna in AP

The Rule of Varuna in AP

Since the formation of Congress government in the state the god of rains (Varuna) is very sympathetic towards the state and no year has passed without sumptuous rains. Despite high-level of corruption the regular rains have the public in general and farming community in particular to have very positive view of the government.

In the past many states have promised free power for forming community in their manifesto chickened out midway as mounting power bills pushed their fiancées beyond the their control, but proving the economists wrong A.P successfully honored its word of supplying free power for farming and even promising to provide the same for next five years without changing the existing tariff structure.

Now this is the final year of the YSR term, in the beginning of this agricultural year (farming starts in the month of June and ends in Feb every year) when rains delayed for some weeks the government got jittery but by the end of August every thing turned in favor of the YSR; dames are brimming to their full capacity, tanks are overflowing, power generation is back to normal and farmers are happy lot.

Not only public and politicians even media also saying that Chandrababu is jinxed and Varuna is with YSR. It is going to have strong impact in the forth coming elections. People can call this government Varuna ‘regime, because if it is not raining YSR is sure to lose the power as happened in case of Naidu.


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