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The Media Moguls

The Media Moguls

The Media Moguls

The state of Andhra Pradesh is littered by media moguls like Ramoji Rao, Radhakrishna, Suryaprakash Rao, Girish Sanghi, Mutha Gopala Krishna, T.Venkatarami Reddy and YS.Jagan Mohan Reddy.

As teachers and parents guide the kids in the early childhood age in leading life, the media guides the citizens in understanding the world around and the people who are governing them.

As unhealthy body breeds unhealthy mind the corrupted fourth estate perverts the minds of the people. In Andhra Pradesh the media barons not only have prejudiced mindset but even attempting to inject it to gullible public.

Even before the voters of a constituency could study the character of candidate the media analyze his success through caste equations and propagate that he has winning chances as his caste is numerically strong without analysing whether he has the basic qualities like honesty, commitment to serve public and so on to become an elected representative.

As every newspaper has affiliation or deals with some political party or the other, they distort the facts in their favor and malign the character of the honest officers if he is not helping their men.

Till the other day they used to clandestinely support some political party or candidate. Now they themselves are in the fray; the proprietor of Surya is contesting from Anakapalli on be half of TDP, the proprietor of Andhraprabha who is in Congress till the other day is now in race as an independent, Jagan from Kadapa, Zahid from Hyderabad. The media moguls, like anti-social elements, who supported political parties secretly in the past, are now directly entering the political arena on various party tickets.

If this trend continues in the future, the media barons in the state will top the list of the most hated community of the state beating even the already sullied politicos.


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