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The IPS officer does it again

The IPS officer does it again

The IPS officer does it again

A few days back, we reported on an Indian Police Service officer, who single handedly pulled off a great victory against multinational giant ‘’AMWAY’.

The same officer has once again proved he has guts. Background of the case is a team of three people mercilessly played with the life of two girls whose only mistake is rejection of love offer from one of the boys.

The main culprit in the crime is unabashed in declaring that the girl should not live in peace for rejecting his offer. The result; she is struggling for life as the boy threw acid on her.

The public outcry over the incident is at such a pitch that almost everybody wished that judgment be given in feudal justice system where the perpetrator gets immediate punishment a la PEDDARAYUDU. It seems the gods have heard their prayers.

On Sunday morning Sajjanar, the suave and highly courageous police officer from Karnataka, proved once again that he is there when public demand his service and
keeping police rule book and jurisprudence aside delivered the judgment faster than our film character PEDDARAYUDU.

Along with many of my fellow leftist friends I too oppose encounters, but now there is need to send a strong message to the youth that law appearing to be very mild in books but not if the officer in charge has command over it.

Some of human rights activists may oppose these encounters but crores of women folk solidly will stand behind this man for providing solace to the girl on the bed.


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