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The IPS officer behind the ban on Amway

The IPS officer behind the ban on AMWAY

The IPS officer behind the ban on AMWAY

When the whole world failed; one man, in the face of adverse political conditions, pulled it off.
No, it is not the tag line for next Hollywood release or a brief comment in a tabloid for the forth coming book of Herald Robbins or Sydney Sheldon. It is about an Indian police service officer C.V.Sajjnar who is now police chief for Warangal, a breeding ground for banned leftist militant group, of south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

This suave Kannada Brahmin is an epitome of honesty and simplicity.
Recently he is in news across the world for exposing shady side of the AMWAY, a Europe based multi level marketing giant, which has been cheating the gullible middle classes across the world. Though many countries in the west and the oriental countries made attempts to ban it, all of them failed to substantiate reasons in the court and everywhere AMWAY got green signal from law except in Andhra Pradesh of India, thanks to C.V.Sajjanar. Meticulously planning his operation he thoroughly read the whole literature of the AMWAY and practically met a lot of middle class people who have lost everything in their greed of making it rich overnight. He was not browbeaten and carried his job with clinical perfection extracting work purely with interpersonal relations.

Media, as anywhere else, here too has not accorded much space in this great task, one of his friends told he supplied tea to the lawyers and knocked at every available judge door to apprise them of need to ban this MLM (Multi level marketing) group to save the poor people from losing money.
All his efforts paid off in the end as the court agreed to his request for a ban on AMWAY.


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