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The future leaders of AP

The future leaders of AP

The future leaders of AP

It looks like that we in Andhra Pradesh are in for son-strokes: Lokesh Naidu, YS Jagan mohan reddy, K.Taraka rama Rao, Kavitha Chandrasekhar Rao and many other sons and daughters of political leaders.

Many more sons and daughters of ruling and oppositions party leaders are vying for people’ mandate to enter into assembly and parliament. Groomed by their fathers these gen next political bosses pronouncing sugar coated words of ‘democracy’, ’poor’, ’poverty, ’service’ during daytime and relaxing in a/c rooms during nights.

Of them Lokesh, Jagan mohan Reddy, KTR had a part of their education and youthful days in Europe and America and know nothing of the public and their needs here or the ground realities.

Lokesh Naidu; It is said that he helped his father in the preparation of TDP manifesto and Rs.2000 scheme. Rs.2000 scheme may be very popular measure in Latin American countries to support poor, but the truth is the number of people who live below poverty line in those countries are very low, not even in lakhs ,but in a state like AP the number is in crores. How can they implement it? As one economist said people who are ruling should have knowledge of the culture of the public. Once Naidu said his son is very honest and if that is true, first Lokesh should distribute his father’ loot to the public and later opt for electoral battle.

Jagan mohan Reddy; like his father has his own batch of young political leaders across the state but majority of them have criminal background and experts in looting the public money. Fat with ill-gotten money, he is enlarging his base carrying ‘votes’ centered charitable works. He is already a big name to mention in state politics, thanks to the Eenadu and Andhra Jyothi for their wide coverage of Jagan.

K.T.R; what discrimination he faced in the hands of Andhra rulers? What does he know about Telangana dialect and Andhra dialect? He returned from America with the sole ambition to enter into state legislative assembly and has never participated in any struggles for separate statehood for Telangana. He is ready to go back to America once he looses the elections.

The present crop of top leaders amassed huge wealth for their gen-next and these cunning kids are hell-bent on posing themselves as the honest politicos. One thing is true. These people have little concern for the common man because they have not interacted and mingled with them at any time in their lives. We can call these people ‘’ a/c room leaders’’. As our present stars are trained in martial arts, acting and dialogue delivery, our present leaders are also getting training in public speaking, preparation of manifestoes and other such activities.

These young leaders are more dangerous than the colonial rulers.


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