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Chandrababu Naidu had commanded the coalition partners till other day i.e. during BJP rule and humiliated many central ministers on many occasions. Now he is meekly submitting to KCR and finding it hard to keep his rank and file together.

KCR who got Naidu to dance to his tunes and giving sleepless nights to other members of the four party alliance group has become more prioritized enemy than YSR in the Mahakutami now. Already Raghavulu and Narayana have openly expressed their displeasure over the dictatorial attitude of TRS chief but KCR has not mended his ways.

Deranged KCR, unsatisfied communist parties and raging party men who are not ready to be generous in sacrificing their seats for coalition partners, is driving Naidu mad and his troubles have not ended there. The star campaigner of the party Jr.NTR now has given ultimatum to him in regard to allotting Gannavaram seat to his friend.

Till election dates are declared Naidu has only one enemy that is YSR and he is an outsider. Now he has to face many enemies within the party;

KCR; It is not certain that he will back Naidu after elections; Left parties; they will not allow him have a free hand in administrative matters; Jr.NTR; he is emerging as one of the power centres, he may push Naidu’ son Lokesh and Nandamuri family out to take control of the party given the tremendous response he is getting from the public. TDP; there is no guarantees that his own men obey his orders once they come to know that Naidu has weakened considerably. Nandamuri family members may not allow him to have his final say in party affairs if he frequently depends on them.

Political commentators are unanimous in their assessment that this is only the beginning and the big troubles are yet to arrive for the once formidable TDP chief.


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