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The dubious role of Ramoji in TDP

The dubious role of Ramoji in TDP

The dubious role of Ramoji in TDP

Even today many believe that Ramoji is father-in-law to Balakrishan and that is why he supported NTR/TDP and named his women supplementary Balakrishan’ wife name ‘Vasundhara’. That is not true. There is no close relation between those two families.

Ramoji may have petitioned in the court stating YSR government is gagging him as he is principally against the Congress. The truth is he is not against Congress but against Reddy community.

Ramoji hates the Reddy community and not Congress party as many cite Ramoji’ bonhomie with Congress during Jalagam Vengal rao tenure. Jalagam tied up with Ramoji to block Reddy community leaders attempt to unseat him, such is their bond. Jalagam sent the Chit fund act final draft for Ramoji approval before introducing it Assembly. A rumor has it, as there was no suitable Kamma candidate who could compete with Reddy leaders in the congress he supported Jalagam. Later CMs of Reddy community looked at Ramoji as their rival and vice versa. The bad blood between them is continuing even today.

Once NTR decided to embrace politics, Ramoji openly came out against Congress, as it is dominated by Reddy leaders, rather than running the show behind the curtain. From then on it is no looking back till YSR showed him his place.

What puzzles many is why Ramoji conspired with Naidu to unseat NTR. There are many reasons, people close to TDP told, and the principal is Laxmi parvathi. It is known fact that Ramoji ‘anti-arrack movement ha ulterior motive of upsetting the business establishment of Magunta family , as long as Congress government is there at the helm of the affairs it is not possible to fight with Magunta whose daily UDAYAM contesting the many versions of Enadu. To cut the nerve centre of the Magunta business he started the anti arrack movement. Involving women activists of left wing parties who can fight it to the end he succeeded in his attempts. The anti-arrack movement served two purposes to Ramoji, it harmed the very biz establishment of the rival group and increased the image of the Ramoji as social reformer. Undermining NTR image Ramoji attributed NTR success in the elections to his anti-arrack movement. This naturally hurt the NTR and Laxmi parvathi who started to harbor Magunta neglecting Ramoji . Angered over the developments Ramoji in retaliation encouraged Naidu to spit the party got NTR mercilessly ousted. It is said after unholy August episode NTR tried many times to patch up with Ramoji but the latter even denied appointment to him
Naidu was waiting for the chance to become CM even if it comes at the cost of loosing relations or backstabbing his men does not matter for him. Ramoji fulfilled Naidu ambition and settled his score with NTR for allowing Magunta to have access in TDP decision making.

The arrival of Chandrababu has changed the fortune of Ramoji; his properties increased many folds; by getting TDP align with BJP he has become close to many BJP leaders; unlike NTR who allowed limited access Naidu and party members kneeled down at his feet; from just being one of the supporting parties to TDP Ramoji rose to the position of RAJAGURUVU (supreme authority of the party).

Ramoji in turn successfully changed the image of the Naidu from a backstabber to icon of modern politicos.
The image of Ramoji /Enadu increased many folds when he openly campaigned for NTR in 1983 because public shared same feelings and opted Enadu with heart and soul. During Naidu tenure they opted it as there is no substitute Ramoji failed to observe this. The arrival of Sakshi and tv9 changed the media scene in the state pushing Enadu status among the public from unbiased daily to pro-TDP and anti-Congress daily. Even the place of Ramoji among the public changed from being business man with ethics and honest to just another bad business man who reminds a Telugu saying NEETHULU EDUTI VARIKI CHEPPE DANIKEY MANAKU KADU.

It appears he is now openly campaigning against congress as YSR unmasked his real intentions.


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