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The days of the common folks is over

The days of the common folks is over

The days of the common folks is over

It seems the days of common people are over. For the last three months politicians from all parties ran behind the common folks seeking their support to rule the state for the next five years. To delight and impress the public they not only incorporated unreasonable promises in their manifestos but even got the public drench in the hard stuff (cheap liquor) and currency.

People too enjoyed it forgetting that for the next five years they will be squeezed of what they have been paid now in addition to what is not paid.

This is the story that has been repeating for the last five decades are so.

The interesting development as far as our state is concerned is the salaried middle class, finger labor force (soft ware professionals) and the rich have overwhelmingly participated and exercised their vote signaling better days for the democracy. Thanks to Lok Satta Party for its efforts in bringing the middle class to the polling booth and gaining a lot of votes in urban space.

The other side of the coin is the media has turned extremely biased for selfish reasons. Ramoji who has been synonym for the media in AP has not hesitated to mortgage values of journalism to demoralize Congress. No need to talk of Andhra Jyothi; it openly demanded money from contestants promising to give publicity and has erased the difference between advertisement and news. It is better to talk least of Sakshi as from the day one it is so open in presenting their agenda of perpetuating YSR.


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