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The butchers of AP

The butchers of AP

The butchers of AP

Political leaders
Media barons of the AP state

If a survey is undertaken among Telugu public to elicit opinion to find out who is the worst in the categories of Political leaders, Pickpocketers, Thieves, Robbers and Media barons in the AP state, it would not be surprising if the media mafia comprising Ramoji, Radhakrishan and Jagan will certainly top the list. In the past, politicos used to occupy that place. Now with their open exhibition of unfair mindset the image of media tycoons is on the negative path.

Ramoji has been championing the cause of Right to information mercilessly twisting and twirling the truths to get his protégée back to power. Radhakrishna always boasts of himself as the true journalist but is stooping to any level, concealing the truth, at certain times, carrying the wrong news and blackmailing many people for money. YSR may have succeeded in containing the TDP dominant voice in the media by launching his newspaper and channel but he is more interested in promoting himself and panning Ramoji, projecting TDP bickerings in grand scale rather than offering truth to the readers.

These butchers of ‘ethics of journalism’ certainly need to give explanation to the public as they are viewed as ‘’media’’ (ignoring other dailies) by the public. YSR may come back using his fourth estate vehicle SAAKSHI or Ramoji and Radhakrishan duo may get TDP back to power from ashes, but public are not going to forgive them for concealing information from public.

However, Ramoji will not get his bygone status;

Radhakrishan will not become a Narla

Sakshi cannot escape the brand of Congress.


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