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Thaman’s Sentiment with Heroine Name

Thaman’s Sentiment with Heroine Name

Thaman is one music director who is rocking these days. With back to back hits in his pocket, Thaman is being flooded with offers. Brindavanam was declared blockbuster hit. His two new films Ragada and Mirapakaya are on verge of release and the music of both films is rocking the nook and corner of A.P. With Mahesh Babu’s Dookudu on platter, he is already on verge of reaching the top. Amidst all this there is an interesting sentiment that producers and directors seems to have been attributing to Thaman. Not sure if it is just coincidence or planned, every album of Thaman has a song with heroine’s name in it. While Anjaneyulu has Anjali Anjali, Ragada has Sirisha…Sirisha and Astalakshmi… Astalakshmi. Mirapakaay has Vaishali…Vaishali. While Thaman could brush this as just a coincidence, the film industry which is so famous for superstitions raises doubts on coincidence theory.

Mr. Thaman, All sentiments will work well as long as films are successful. If one movie bites dust even when you score the Oscar best music, people will start ignoring not just sentiments but also artists.

Brahma Mahesh
[email protected]

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