Terrorists Exploit HM Shinde Offer

Terrorists Exploit HM Shinde Offer

While addressing Congress Chitan Bhaitak at Jaipur couple of days back, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, thought that his Hindu and Saffron terror comments would fetch him and his party muslim votes in 2014 elections. However his hindu terror comments are taken on platter by Terror Organisations across the border.

Hafiz Saeed Mumbai attacks master mind and LET founder, quickly pounced on Shinde’s comments accusing Indian organizations were “involved in all kinds of terrorism in Pakistan”. He said “India tried to involve us in the Mumbai attacks but after a passage of five years, nothing has been established against us in the courts”.
Saeed carries a bounty of $10 million announced by US.

One Response to “Terrorists Exploit HM Shinde Offer”

  1. Gundu Rao says:

    Shinde commented on RSS-BJP terrorism to please his bosses. Alas, Pakistan loves it. Send Shinde to Pak to embrace Hafiz Saeed.