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Terrorism is no more a local issue

Terrorism is no more a local issue

Terrorism is no more a local issue

Terrorists are not there with military like uniform (even Naxalites also roam with some kind of uniform) but they are like you and me and are born out of poverty and deprivation of rights (many sociologists attribute poverty and suppression as root causes for terrorism and Naxalism).

The terrorists say their goal is to establish an Islamic world, decimating all other religions from the world, which is not even a premise worth thinking.

So far all groups that have been running militant and political wars against the ruling governments across the world have some specific demands like getting nationhood for their regions or for human rights.

The present terrorism has no such specific demands. It is wrong to presume that the terrorism in India ends if Kashmir is granted freedom. The issue of terrorism has gone beyond the regional and ethnic issues.
Even the local governments have very limited role in controlling this, as it is a globally operating network.

The only way to defeat terrorism is to strengthen the intelligence network allowing all the nations to take part in it and share the information.

For the western world terrorism is a new phenomenon, but many Asian countries have been facing it’s menace since decades. It is no use blaming Pakistan or any other Islamic nation; none of them want to encourage terrorists because of the fear of a boomerang. Today Pakistan as a nation is dead and now it is facing Mumbai mayhem kind of life everyday. In the recent past it is Pakistan that suffered most due to mindless Islamic militants’ activities.


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