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Terror Strikes In Hyderabad

Terror Strikes In Hyderabad

Hyderabad which is silently sailing smoothly suddenly was shaken by terror strikes yesterday evening at the city’s most busiest place Dilsukhnagar. While Intelligence agencies claim that they warned all states of possible terror strikes couple of days back, even before states could get their act together, terrorists blasted bombs taking authorities by surprise and scaring people, killing many in the process.

The thursday bomb balts three in total at Dilsukhnagar Konark theatre, near tiffin center,Konark theatre killed 13 people and injuring as many as 84 people.The blasts took place at evening 7.01 PM and then another at 7.05 PM. The modus operandi points out to Indian Mujahideen though Govt doesn’t want to jump to any conculsion. NIA team and NSG team are here to get clues and they feel that an untriggered bomb found at the vicinity will help them crack the case.

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