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Territorial Council For Telangana

Territorial Council For Telangana

Union Govt’s functioning sometimes looks strange. When it says something is going to happen, nothing will happen, and when it says nothing is happening, some thing is sure to happen. It seems Center is feeling enough of T heat and decided to come with some solution before the budget session.

As such Cong High Command along with Sonia and Shinde held consultations with CM Kiran Kumar, AP Governor Narasimhan and even TN Governor Rosaiah who once ruled the state. According to sources Center is mulling Territorial Council on Telangana just on the lines of Bodoland.

Shinde has recently given a report to the high command, suggesting a ‘Bodo Land’ type solution to the Telangana problems. The Bodo movement was much more aggressive than the Telangana movement. Bodos launched an armed struggle against the government, through Bodo Liberation Tigers Force.

Kiran seems to have assured that he is fine with Development Council and law and order can be tackled with full support from Union Govt.

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