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Telugu people need a news paper

Telugu people need a news paper

Telugu people need a news paper

Both ENADU and ANDHRA JYOTHI (nicknamed as ‘AA RENDU PATRHIKALU’ by Congress and a few sections of the public) now almost removed their ‘tokenism’ mask and have started to blatantly exhibit their prejudiced mind set as the elections coming closer.

Prior to arrival of YSR they carried slanted news reports in favor of their blue eyed boy Chandrababu Naidu, but the public too patronized them as there is no availability of alternate media. The arrival of TV9 changed the media scene in the state as it was instant hit among the audience; such is the impact of TV9 many of TDP leaders during elections threatened to ban the channel after returning to power.

 The poor performance of TDP and arrival YSR as CM   has not taught them any lesson in regard to their credibility. Repeatedly referring their name as ‘AA RENDU PATHIRKALU’ on every available occasion, he got the public passively investigate their reporting besides exposing their double standards and successfully assassinating their characters. Today public is looking at Ramoji and Radhakrishan not as editors of some dailies but two politicians who have some allegiance to some political party and  their babies are no more a respectable media, but two gazetteers for TDP (as ‘SAKSHI’ is for Congress).

Public are vexed with all most all news papers in state and  they are freshly looking for a daily that represents common man, but not patronize a political party.


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