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Telugu Media Over Action At Blast Site

Telugu Media Over Action At Blast Site

When deadly blasts rocked Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad many locals tried helping the injured. However media which reached the site even before others arrived, instead of helping the injured filled the entire location with their vans and equipments to proudly claim live and exclusive on their channels. The channel to get the first hand information, put their mikes into the mouths of injured though they were wailing in pain. To the top of it some even increased the number of dead.

When NSG commandos arrived lady reporter of number one news channel said he is from Andhra Pradesh and now will be speaking in telugu about the clues in the blast. Though the lady reporter tried to evict answers from the young commando in telugu, he politely refused answering in english that local authorities will be better able to answer their questions.

This shows that media is trying to divide even NSG commandos with regional feelings and it is slap on the channel’s face when the commando replied in english though his mother tongue is telugu.

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