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Telangana Grips Under fear as Govt Fails to Gain Confidence on Survey

Telangana Grips Under fear as Govt Fails to Gain Confidence on Survey

The Telangana government’s firmness on an inclusive household socio-economic survey has prompted apprehension of exclusion among residents of the state. Chastened by the strong political and public reaction to the nativity question it raised, the government is less open about the subject now, but it appears to be pushing through its agenda a secretive manner.

The Hyderabad High Court on Thursday gave its nod to the Telangana government to conduct its intensive household survey in the state on August 19 after the government confirmed that it was voluntary and there is no element of compulsion.

While refusing to stay the survey, Justice Vilas Afzulpurkar said that the government would have to strictly adhere to the statement made before the court that disclosure of information was only on voluntary basis.

The out of the state workers fear that if they fail to stand up and counted in the survey, they will cease to be ‘citizens’ of Telangana and will lose their property and other rights in the state.

The government has declared holidays under the Shops and Establishment Act.

The household survey is apparently to identify genuine beneficiaries of government welfare measures. The surveyors will seek to see bank account details and the Aadhar card. The survey will be completed in one day throughout the state.

The residents in the state who originally came from Andhra areas are more scared as they alleged that the government will use this survey against them at the later stage.

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