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TDP is Dead as a Force

TDP is Dead as a Force

TDP is Dead as a Force

The statement by B.V.Raghavulu that it is CPI (M) which would decide on how many seats TDP should contest, indicates the pitiable state of affairs of the latter. During NTR tenure left leaders waited hours together for his appointment and adjusted with his charity without uttering a word with fear of loosing alliance. Even though NTR once called them “kukkamuthi pindelu’’ (useless fellows), they had not stopped going to his residence seeking electoral tie up.

Those are the golden days of the TDP party. Now the scene has changed a lot at the NTR bhavan, TDP HQ in the Banjara hills.

Cadre has left the party along with NTR and once the party was ousted from power the leaders realized the need for a charismatic figure to see the party buoyant but to no avail. As the cadre is no more, even senior leaders are searching for greener pastures to keep their political hopes alive and a few of them already left and many more are on the way out.

Jittery over the developments, Naidu who till then heavily depended on media, day dreaming of making it to the seat of power with help of front page news coverage stepped out of the TDP bhavan to avert desertions , but of no use.

In a bid to save his party he knocked the doors of the NTR sons and craved for alliances with left leaders. These acts may to some extent get a few additional seats and help the party stay in the fray but the respect and status of the party as a dominant power in state politics has started to diminish.


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