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Stars have lost demigod image

Stars have lost demigod image

Stars have lost demigod image

Silver screen gods of the Telugu film industry are standing naked in front of the public

Never in its history has Telugu film industry lost its respect as it does today. Not to talk of smaller artists even the so called top brass are succumbing to political pressures to protect their properties.

Whatever could be the reasons, our stars have lost demigod image among common folks, particularly among youth. In the bygone era, fans and public used to demand private transporters run special buses to Madras to have a glance of their screen idols, now it is about-turn, the stars are asking political parties to provide special buses to see fans.
Though all major political parties, except leftist forces, luring filmy people with generous gifts and donations to campaign in their favor, the question in every body’s mind is do they worth any thing?
With one or two exceptions all stars are now identified with some political affiliation, of course, some of them have started their own outfit. Though artists/stars are saying they are offering their service to political inspired by services of so and so political leader, people are no fools to believe and no takers for their words.

When NTR lunched TDP there were not many to oppose and many friends to canvass in his favor except Rao Gapalrao and a few, but this time without exception all the heroes/artists are taking to streets praising some political leaders.

Public aware that when it comes to box-office collections they may be worth crores but at ballot-boxes collections are they nothing but zero.


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