Sports and India

Sports and India

There are two ways to be a sports celeb in India one, stick to cricket (even an average performance in consequent matches can make a small size celebrity) or bag medals at events like Olympics or common wealth or Asian games. However, in the recent past this condition recovered with Saina, Saniya, and some others heating up the lenses on and off the field, now the question is what about the remaining games and sports? Where is the future of Indian Sports?

When compared with other countries Indian sports are definitely not in a good shape. From facilities to coaching everything is badly in need for a progress, for example in India we have like about 10-15 astroturfs for hockey all over the country where as Holland and Australia got 200 each, so what is it that lead to the pitiable stage where Indian sports are today?

Indian sports history dates back to Vedic times when archery martial arts and other physical activities are a part of daily routine and sport personalities are considered as a pride for the country, later, along with the calendar structure and nature of sports underwent vivid changes. Sport’s cultural exchange happened (which is both positive and negative). After the independence several bodies like The Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports and others mushroomed to support and nurture the talent. These are responsible for the Indian contingent’s participation in the international events like Olympics commonwealth games e.t.c. and also the government introduced several drafts to encourage sports education.

Even with all these big brothers’ support, India is still considered as cursed place for sports, it hardly made its impression on the international wall of fame. Let it be management fights or harassing coaches or gulping down funds they are more in news for scandals than attainment. Recently a doping scandal revealed the so called “open secret” in the sports ministry to world, that Indian authorities instead of conducting doping tests to the athletes monitor them before competition.

No deny that cricket is Indian’s ecstasy. The recent commercial make-over to the gentle men’s game (which is bothering both ‘real cricket’ fans as well as cricket legends) and the plummeting in the international rankings can topple the spirit of cricket. While the world is looking ahead for 2012 summer Olympics and other big events ahead it’s high time for the sports authorities in India to concentrate and cheer up all the sports equal to cricket and increase the potential of sport as a tool to reach personal, community, national and international development objectives.

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