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SARP is an acronym for Science, Art, Religion and Philosophy

(SARP is an acronym for Science, Art, Religion and Philosophy)

I do not know whether Life itself has gone on a wrong track or not, but the pursuit of knowledge seems to have jumped on to the fast track of instant gratification.

In an imbecile imitation of Art, Knowledge for Knowledge sake has become the motto of self-styled intellectuals. The vanity of the false prophets of knowledge is really mind-boggling. Without the least idea of the meaningfulness and purposefulness of Science or Art, they would indulge in futile pastimes to determine whether Taxidermy is a Science or Art. With the prolific lethargy derived from secure pedestals of academic echelons, they profess nothing except stiff upper lip sympathy to vague ideas. Unable to come to grips with proper abstraction, they continue to dabble with Taxidermy and contemplate with hideous contortions of the brow, whether any philosophic truth can be derived from the study of Taxidermy or any religious symbolism be detected. Incidentally, Taxidermy deals with preserving dead animals.

These pretentious primates often with a prohibitively prolonged tail of sundry degrees and doctorates occupying prestigious positions at popular Institutions of Inquiry conduct a spate of seminars, accompanied by sumptuous dinners without any food for thought. They wearily publish tedious articles with a deft jugglery of jargon. May the highbrow browbeat themselves with their own masquerade. They deserve to defeat themselves as a fitting finale to their futile efforts to throw around the non-weight of empty scholarship.

SARP is an acronym for Science, Art, Religion and Philosophy)

I always secretly nurtured a not so sinister suspicion that anything manifest from the mind of man is somehow a micro-space shuttle to explore the macrocosm of Truth.

Art was the first to fascinate me. Latent creativity, however feeble or fretful, shamelessly reflects the talent of the creator. Art is always an unmistakable symbol of culture and civilization. The dictionary defines Art as human creative skill or its application. Art, like Religion, is prehistoric, evolving and refining itself in successive cultures and civilizations and in earnest proportion to the available tools and technology, symbolizing religious beliefs, predominant faiths, traditional motifs, primordial fears, ever-green hopes, mystic revelations, idiosyncratic impressions or simply the symbiosis of Man and God.

SARP is an acronym for Science, Art, Religion and Philosophy)

Right from its birth in caves and camp-fires, Art has its own customary struggle for excellence. Art has an immanent weakness of decisively dividing the prevalent population into four mutually exclusive castes : Creators, Connoisseurs, Critics and conservative dissenters. Art cannot exist without the creator, cannot be conserved without the connoisseur, cannot pursue the path of excellence without the critic and cannot be vandalized without the mindless dissident with artful morals. Perhaps, even Art has to suffer extinction to evolve into higher species of art forms. Something like the fundamental force of multiplication of organisms, Art proliferated into performing arts like dance and drama, perceivable arts like painting and sculpture, perceptible arts like music and literature, purposeful arts like architecture and furniture, popular arts like fashion and graphics and presently predominant art of cinema.

How does Art channelise knowledge? The best way to predict the future is to perceive the past and the best perception of the past is the proper interpretation of the metaphors, allegories, symmetry and symbolism of the arts representing the genius of the various cultures and civilizations at different periods of history. Art functions as a regression coefficient to measure the efficient progression of the evolution of home erectus (the upright man) into home sapiens (the wise man). Art reflects the gradual evolution of a mind of intelligence into intellect and genuflects the wisdom of interaction and integration.

Deen Kumar

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Comments on: SARP

Dear Deen Kumar garu,

Most appreciate your mail. Apologies for the delay in this reply but it’s been a hectic week.
Thank you for sharing with me these outstanding meditations.
They are both profound and thought-provoking and this para in the beginning is marvelous in the way it connects four oft-used but disparate terms: “Science is concerned with the exploration, discovery and comprehension of the universe without. Religion deals with a path of inquiry to explore, discover and understand the universe within. Art is a spontaneous expression of elegant excellence erupting from the depths of consciousness, bridging the gulf between different levels of the sates of consciousness. Philosophy, as a way of life, is the means through which dynamic equilibrium is created and sustained between the universe within and the universe without.”

I found your distaste for intellectuals charming :). What can I say ? They try hard. I dont believe that intellectual labor should be measured on the same level as physical labor. Trying to equate the two was one of the failures of Maoism.
At the same time, arm chair extempores without a knowledge of the field are not advisable either.
You have rightly pointed out that the problem with religion is dogma. Indeed, it is ritual that separates religion from spirituality.
Please do send me your future writings. I look forward to it. I am sharing these with a few like-minded friends.

Warm Regards,

Raja Karthikeya
Researcher | International Security
Washington DC | 202 679 4010

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