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SARP – 5

SARP - 5

Now that the joyous celebrations to usher in the Thied Millennium cooled down, it is time to take stock of the situation around us; to what extent the stream of humanity progressed thus far and should there be a directional correction of the oft-repeated progress in the new Millennium.
I am part of this flood of humanity and I do not know whether I am being streaming towards the right spot in the ocean. In fact, I do not know where I am. I do not think whether I know who I am or for what purpose I am swimming along with this billions of human beings.

Can what we achieved so far be termed as progress, in its truest sense? Has the human being developing a dangerous tendency to sacrifice spiritual objectives to achieve materialistic goals, on the plea of a better quality of life? Is better quality of life different from higher quality of life? Are today’s achievers more concerned with accumulation of man-made money alone; to be in the top richest people in the Forbe’s list? Does success meen succeeding at any cost; irrespective of the means employed? Is

sarp 5

the best of management, only economics and not ethics? Is managing myself only a physical and physiological premise and praxis? Have we lost the flower and fruit because of our persistent preoccupation with the trunk of the tree alone? Not even bothering about the roots and rotting leaves?

Can the top ten richest men and women let me know who and where God is? Or who I am? Or who they really are? Or where and why all of us are rushing in such great haste? Spewing pollution, pestilence, penuary, disease and decay all around?

Do any of us the degree of difference or dimension of quantum and quality of Joy, Enjoyment, Pleasure, Happiness, Exultation, Rejoicing, Euphoria, Bliss, Exaltation. Blessedness, Gladness, Blithe disposition, Satisfaction, Self-indulgence, Sensuousness, Gratification, Liveliness, Vivacity,


Sprightliness and a spirited state of extraordinary exuberance? Are we not missing laughter and giving to others the virtue of a smile? At least, as enigmatic as that of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa!
If we do know the meaning of the words in the pare ante, did we ever strive achieve that levels of consciousness? What should be done to make the world a happy place to live? For each and every living being? How can we usher in Peace on this Good Earth?

Yes… questions have an uncanny knack of begettin more questions than proper answers.

Deen Kumar

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