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A favourite story, that always makes the rounds among the business consultants, is about a noveau rich modern millionaire, who is a successful achiever in his own right. One day, this self-made millionaire, asked his 8-year-old son, what he would like to become when he grew up. The boy thought for a while and emphatically declared that he would emulate his dad and even surpass him to become a billionaire business-man. The boy’s mother was very proud to have such an ambitious, focussed, objective-oriented and positive thinking son with well defined goals.

During the weekend, the millionaire businessman was tending his backyard garden lawn tagged on by his wannabe billionaire son. The workholic millionaire father took and carried a ladder and placed it against the 15-feet high compound wall. He asked his son to climb to climb up the ladder and stand on the verge of the steep compound wall. The boy did so with great pleasure and panache. Once the boy was atop the tall compound wall, the father quickly removed the ladder and urged the young one to jump down. The boy was naturally panic-stricken, afraid to the marrow of his bones and refused to jump. His face was contorted with fear of the unknown.

“Don’t worry, jump,” said the father, “I will hold you in my hands and you won’t get hurt, believe me, trust me.”

“Will you surely hold me and break my fall in your safe hands?” asked the son.
“Trust me and jump” said his father with a sweet smile.
“I trust you, dad,” cried a beaming son and took the inevitable plunge into the outstreached arms of his father.

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At the last and final moment of his sons jump into his arms, the father suddenly stepped back and the horrified son crashed onto the green ground. With broken limbs, cracked confidence and fractured faith, the boy could not fathom this treacherous breach of trust.
“Well, sunny boy,” preached his stern, self-made father, “Don’t trust any one. Not even your own father, for that matter. This is the first lesson you should learn to be successful in business.”
Can we call this phenomenon as Abraham Syndrome? When he tried to sacrifice his only son to reach his goal of satisfying an unknown voice of someone presumed to be God, who required Abrahams blind faith?
Have we progressed to such distraught distinction, where a son or for that matter a daughter, is taught to distrust his/her father and mother? Merely to achieve success and to succeed at any cost?

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A cunning business management consultant gives an uncanny twist to the tale, by explaining that what the boy’s father really meant was that his son should not trust fellow human beings or entertain blind belief in people of his community or society, but trust only in himself and his own judgement.
While the World around us is brimming and fuming with Belief and Faith, as the staple diet of all Religions and cults, a human being is ill-advised not to trust fellow human beings or relatives or friends or their own parents, but to depend upon an oblivious subjective ego-centric judgement for selfish purposes of being an achiever, in actual situations that demand an obvious objective assessment. Normally anyone, who cannot objectively assess any situation or relationship, makes a complete ass of himself; and those who make a subjective analysis always belong to a donkey making an ass of itself.
The trick employed by the modern day successful people appear to be eager to gain the trust of others, while not trusting them at the same time. A conniving artful achiever, rapidly becoming a role model for other conceited so-called achievers of today’s world. Can we ever conceive and construct a ld order of peaceful co-existence based on an inherent behavioral tenet of N0-Trust among human beings? Isn’t mutual trust, the basic transactional entity of a harmonious society? Should we preach a No-Trust motion of emotion against every conceivable member of society, just for the sake of breeding individual achievers independent of social consequences?
Once you make million, the modern management mantra tells you, that the money will take care of itself, multiplying ad infinitum. Since evry one is busy making the first million, no one bothers to ask you how you made the first million. There was time when people said that there is a woman behind every successful man. These days, there is an undiscovered or unsolved crime behind every successful achiever; or almost; because avoiding paying tax is now called tax management.

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The Gurus of Globalisation exhort you either to have a lot of money or a lot of contacts; untrustworthy, of course. Both the parameters are mutually complementary, strategically planned by a handful of artful achievers and propels the practitioner of this principle to the pinnacle of power and to a position, where one can influence policies of the future and actually decide the very direction, dimension and the entire gamut of the dynamics of progress of humanity or otherwise and perhaps, the very existence of the human race on this good earth.
Are all of us destined or conditioned or engineered to live with Econmics devoid of ethics? Politics of No-Trust? A quality of sumptuous consumption and reckless consumerism that virtually scraps all scruples? A quality of life with no qualms? A listless life of consumption, more consumption and only consumption? Should we reluctantly reconcile to a world designed and decided by self-centered one-way centrifugal think-tanks?
This malady appears to have infected the dons of Science, czars of Art, priests of Religion and the preachers of Philosophy. Yes, something is seriously wrong somewhere!

Deen Kumar

(please await SARP 5)

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