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SARP 2 -SARP is an acronym for Science, Art, Religion and Philosophy

SARP is an acronym for Science, Art, Religion and Philosophy

The problem of Religion always was its stress on submissive subservience to blind Faith and Belief., the strain of a stipulated agenda of ritualistic worship and the inability to objectively establish the existence of God. The question that tormented every thinking human is: “If God is the Creator, why does evil exist?”

Does even a potter make a defective, deformed and devilish pots or jars either willfully or otherwise? Wouldn’t it have been better all around if God created just good men and women on this good earth and be done with it? If God created man in His own image, is God also an ambivalent admixture of good and evil like human beings?

Though most of the above questions remain unanswered even today, Religion produced outstandingly great men and women of virtue, intellect and wisdom. It is said that all religions are good; only the followers are bad. Does this axiom apply equally to the followers of Science, Art and Philosophy too?

The advent of Renaissance and Reformation played its own part in the Scientific Revolution in spite of the sneering dissent by the protagonists of Religion. Even now the practitioners of Religion and Science are always at loggerheads.

Even Art is unable to escape its share of controversies. What is excellence in Art to one is a vulgar perversion to another. What is considered as the noblest philosophical thought by some, is downright heretical cynicism to others.
To make life more meaningful and purposeful, Science, Art, Religion and Philosophy have to be understood in the proper perspective; their validity and vigorous vitality in earlier civilizations have to be perceived; their relevance or irrelevance to the rapidly evolving hi-tech civilization of the Third Millennium AD must be calibrated and comprehended; their active part or passive acerbity in the birth, growth, rise, fall, decline and disappearance of earlier civilizations have to be understood.

Existentially denying ourselves the active assistance of what Ellen Langer described as Mindfulness, our existing mindless daily routine decisively destroyed our finest faculty of discretion. Immersed in the carnal pleasure of wide-eyed hero-worship of the Artful Achiever, we have become miserably incapable of differentiating an excellent Work of Art from an expedient art-work. Oscar Wilde asserted that Art has only Beauty and no utility. Aristotle designed the normative mode of Aesthetics to measure the formative Art.

We did have our share of Art for Art’s sake caper. We have also, in pure philosophical contemplation, religiously pursued the path of knowledge to know whether life is a Science or Art and decided to merge the Art of Living with the Science of Existence.

And in mock philosophic tradition, we have religiously meditated to find out whether Politics is an Art or Science, forgetting that Politics is the perfect Medium of Statesmen to express the ideal transaction between the State and citizens. Aristotle described man as political animal. The venerable George Bernard Shaw derisively stated that Politics as the last resort of scoundrels. May be Shaw’s disgusting response reflects thecpredominance of a perpetually unfair and unjust society. In a fit of reverse evolutionary tendency, we monkey-ed with our Politics, reducing even the noblest of social arts into abominably vulgar pits of politicking.

Deen Kumar

(await SARP part 3 which will be posted on April 16.)

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“I do not know whether Life itself has gone on a wrong track or not, but the pursuit of knowledge seems to have jumped on to the fast track of instant gratification.” this what Ii tell people all the time that we are in time of instant coffee and two minute noodles where do the web designer know art which you have described as creative skills. what is art ???/ modern art or Renaissance period or it the Ajantha Elora caves which one is art, same with religion, philosophy or science .

I have no words to explain them simply I need to learn more i have always been in pursuit of knowledge and have no qualification to comment however i always liked to learn and become better I love art, philosophy and religion and science to some extent. The article touches a raw nerve for me as i had the same belief and could articulate as Mr Deen Kumar has put it for me. It makes sense and gave me clarity.

thank you for me the article became a stimulant like the old time coffee brewed and drank fresh.

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