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Ramoji-Undavalli war

Ramoji-Undavalli war

Ramoji-Undavalli war

During BJP rule the de facto PM Advani personally called on him at the latter’ film city, many M.Ps from the state longed for his favors to get berths in central government, a phone call from film city shook the corridors of power in the state, then Chief Minister and ministers knelt down at his feet. Around the same time his property increased by hundred folds. Public adored him as an epitome of honesty and an icon of journalism. He has been nicknamed as RAJAGURUVU by many of his enemies and he almost lived up to that expectations.

That is the history of Ramoji Rao, the Chairman of Ramoji group of firms.

Compare the history of One and the only ‘one after all’ M.P Undavalli Arunkumar who blew Ramoji Empire and image to pieces.

In financial terms Ramoji can buy a part of the state but latter even though an M.P cannot offer to have luxury of having a car, even today you will find him crisscrossing Rajahmundry on his old scooter and has no permanent shelter.

Arunkumar’s political connections are just party relation with YSR (He doesn’t belong to Reddy community, just a middle class Brahmin). Ramoji has many friends not only among political parties but also in sections of the national media. A few industrial houses solidly standing behind him, painting the war between the two as ‘attack on press’.

What is the weapon that Undavali used to bulldoze the mighty empire and got the goliath like figure stand naked in public?

Just his SPOTLESS CHARACTER, even though he has been in politics, he has never craved for illegal money and maintained his integrity, such is his moral fiber.  Untill now Ramoji failed to allege a single corruption charge against him.

Who said that honest and integrity in public life have no place? They better watch the Undavalli, Ramoji war.

Ramoji is not afraid of YSR and Undavalli relation with YSR, but is afraid of the honesty of the person who is throwing the corruption charges on him.

Today Ramoji is just one among the many rich men not a special figure as people used to think of him and Undavalli is not just any a politician but an honest politician, endangering specie.


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