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Ramoji to support Chiranjeevi

Ramoji to support ChiranjeeviThe news is out; media baron Ramoji will take cudgels in support of mega star once the name of the party is made public and the same is communicated to TDP supreme already.

The meeting that took place recently in film city between Chiru and Ramoji is not the first but one among the many. If what is making rounds in political circles is true Devender Goud is playing the mediating role between the two and his joining mega force also certain.

Ramoji on his part directed his men to prepare blue print to lift the image of Chiru a la NTR. The recent change in look and content of Enadu certainly has something to do with recent meeting. For the fast one week Enadu through its cartoons indicating that Naidu ‘MEE KOSAM’ is a failed mission and he is no more a political force.

Sensing the impending danger Naidu is making all out efforts to forge an alliance with other splinter and left parties even though they are cold shouldering him. TDP has come to the conclusion that without any support from media he will end up as a looser and to over come this trying to team up with non-congress political parties before Chiru could do it.

But million dollar question is Can Chiru bear the dictatorial mentality of Ramoji? Every one in the state knows how Ramoji troubled NTR and his role in infamous August episode.

Then who will play the role of Naidu in Chiru party in the days to come? Aravind?


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