Ram is for Sakshi as what Prabhakar was for Etv

Ram is for Sakshi as what Prabhakar was for Etv

Ram is for Sakshi as what Prabhakar was for Etv

Why these two talented creatures are despised by their own men

Two people of highly creative brains who single handedly led their groups into the path of success but despised by their own men in the enterprises.

One is Prabhakar of Etv and the second one is Ram of Sakshi.

Prabhakar is unceremoniously removed by Ramoji as creative head of ETV despite strong protest from his own son. The sole reason for the removal is he is promoting more of himself than the Ramoji. The truth is the ETV has two creative heads, one who represents Ramoji is Bapineedu, and the second is Prabhakar who is heart and soul of Suman. All the serials of Prabhakar are well received by the public and topped in TRP rating. But the same is not the success story of the Bapineedu.Though Prabhakar is publicity crazy and has soft corner for women but has never shirked his responsibilities and at the same time little cared the senior Bapineedu. Projecting Prabhakar disobedience of seniors as violation of ETV rules Bapineedu who has good hold at Ramoji succeeded in his mission as Ramoji demands loyalty and obedience from the staff than success.

The story of Ram
The success of Sakshi is attributed to the success of its Family page. Ram who has been in the film industry knows the pulse of the middle class more than its proprietor. It is heard some of the staff who left Sakshi and went back to Enadu are now in the process of getting Ram removed from the Sakshi which will result in the down fall of it as leading one in the state. For that they are following two way strategies; one is spoiling the mind of Jagan in regard to benevolent dictatorial attitude of Ram and the second is spreading canards in regard to his personnel life. It is heard they are using two newly recruits to start a whisper campaign among Sakshi staff to defame this creative brain. It is heard they are to some extent succeeded in their mission as many of the young brains have strong resentments over his behavior.
Now time will tell whether Jagan will act like Ramoji, who never allows anyone use his media as vehicle for self promotion or YSR who usually goes any extent in supporting his men. It is heard in Enadu that within a couple of months Ram will be shown door as many internet portals are carrying a lot of news in regard to Ram behavior with his colleagues and Ramoji men making all out attempts to see that Sakshi goes down to number two position by getting his creative head removed.

Gogula Narayana.

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